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Shadowed Memories
Basically whatever I want to put in it. Might be mainly randomness that comes into my mind when I get ubber bored....
Plots: Twisted Fantasies
These are some plots I have for one of the ideas I'm trying to find one-on-ones for: Twisted Fantasies. By Fantasies I mean the old fairy tales of like Snow White, Cinderella, Aladdin, Red Riding Hood, etc. And by Twisted I mean we mix it up and throw in our own mischief for the fun of it. That means switching lovers, crossovers, and anything else we can think of.

Anyway, getting right down to it; these are my ideas for some that I just thought of and wanted to get them down before they scattered out of my brain like roaches when you turn on a light....Yeah, that's how my brain is, don't judge me emo :

Little Mermaid
Ariel didn't get to Eric in time to save him from taking Ursula as his bride. Now she is Queen of the Kingdom and Eric is the King but still under Ursula's spell. Not only does he have to bend to her every whim, but they rule as tyrants over the kingdom. And Ariel feels that it's all her fault. So after much internal conflict and fighting with herself, she hardens herself (didn't know that was possible for the woman but whatever) enough to rise a rebellion against the ruling tyrants. Oh and did I mention that Ariel is still mute? Yeah, image taking orders from a mute girl....
All Ariel wants is to set things right, get her voice back, and return back to the sea to return to her father and her friends. She's given up on loving Eric, not for his acts but for putting him in this mess to begin with. She's giving up on him to "save" him from anymore heart ache. How sweet.

For this one, it can be hetero with ArielXEric, ArielXOC or MaleArielXSomeone <----added after that Yaoi idea down there. And someone pretains to like her and Ursula or her and Eric or her and OC. Or it can be Yuri: ArielXUrsula in a strange way (might wanna keep the squid as a human...looks better that way) Plot twist for this one would be like after so long of fighting off the rebellion, Ursula gives Ariel a deal: her voice back and the freedom of Eric (might not go through with that one 'cause if Eric found out what his wifey's been doing while he's been zonked out, he'd be pissed! I know I would be and murder the b****) in exchange for Ariel submitting to the squid. Or we could do this as a Yaoi by making Ariel a dude (GENDERBENDER!!!!) and making him go with Eric or maybe an OC? I don't know.

I have multiple plots for her story so lets begin shall we:
1. Cinderella's step sister (either one of them and in my version they are actually attractive and don't look like toads that got transformed into humans.... stare just saying) is only mean and cruel to Cindy<----my nickname for Cinderella; because she actually has a crush on the poor servant/step sister girl. So one day the Step Sister (either one, I don't remember their names....bare with me....) has a realization that she wants Cindy to be hers. Hell guys haven't done her any good (yes, they are attractive its only natural that they have had potential husbands but they turned out to be total a** holes) so why not the one person she's been crushing on for a while? So she sets out on the mission of getting Cindy to be hers.

Be it by force or choice is totally up to the one playing Step Sister. We can even go as far as the other step sister getting jealous of what the first one has (a while after Cindy and Step Sister become lovers) and tries to take the blonde from the first Step Sister. Yeah, sibling rivalry. Gotta love it.
2. Cinderella is a maid, a servant of low class. Enter Aladdin, a "street rat" who steals food just to survive with his monkey companion. Jasmine has been forced to marry so she can't be with Aladdin, they never met. (She can either marry Jafar or Cinderella's Prince [don't know his name either]). So when Aladdin stumbles upon this "desert flower" (only called that if we do this in Agraba. Blonde hair and blue? eyes would make anyone attracted to the woman and desired since all of them have dark hair and dark eyes but if we do this in Cindy's story setting don't worry about the "flower" bit...unless we make Aladdin from far away like a desert and calls her that to charm her....might work. Ok I'm leaving it in for debate) and is instantly attracted to her. They have a lot in common: of lower class, animal companions (Cindy and her mice), and living in poor conditions. They hit it off when they start talking. But then the King/Saltin hears of this "desert flower" and wants her for himself (I can image Jafar having Jasmine who is very relucant to even look at the man going after Cindy and keeping her as like a pleasure slave or something. Jasmine in that red outfit image pops into my brain lol) so he sets out to get Cindy for himself and its up to Aladdin to out charm royalty to keep the only happiness in his life.
I think all extras were explained up there...next plot. Ok after looking over my third plot or more like thinking it over, I'll have to put it under Aladdin's section just because it mainly pretains to Jasmine. Its a Yuri Cindy idea.

Red Riding Hood
Red isn't that helpless girl we hear in the stories that brings goodies to her grandmother. Oh no, in fact she's much more tough. Red is actually a wolf hunter. She hunts wolves for their pelts and/or game for sell and that's how she keeps herself afloat and not homeless. She was actually the daughter of a rather skilled hunter so when she was born and no son after her, no other child actually, her father taught her everything she knows. Now she's older and hunts wolves. But one day on the hunt, she tries to take down a wolf only to find out that it was a werewolf. The werewolf attacks Red but she gets away. The wolf, naturally, is curious about this hunter that bested him and stalks her for a bit to learn about her. While the wolf is after Red, Red is trying to track down this creature to kill it before it causes harm to anyone else. Whose the best hunter you think?

Alright while the plot is hetero and a HunterXHunted thing, I do have a yuri counterpart: make the wolf a girl. That easy. Or if we want a Yaoi: Red's really a boy. Tah-dah!~ Aren't I awesome? 3nodding

Jasmine won't marry. But its not for the reasons that her father thinks. I mean sure she can't find a Prince she likes but that's because she doens't want a Prince. She wants a Princess. Yes Princess Jasmine is interested in women. She just can't let anyone know that. But how will she react when she finds the Princess of her dreams? A desert flower from a far away land? Cinderella won't know what to do on her vacation to Agraba.

I also have an idea where Cindy is a servant again and comes across a job in the palace and that's where the two meet. Yup....

Alright I can now say that my brain is in blah! mode right now. It's almost sunrise where I live so more ideas will be added later. Peace!

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