Name: Shizuka Maho

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Age: 17

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 123lbs.

Class: Standard Classes

Occupation: Student/Part time worker at family bookstore.


Yokina (16) Younger Sister
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Futeki (19) Older Sister
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Fumei (16) Younger Sister
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Wasure (15) Younger Brother
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Aisuru (17) Older Sister
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Bio(optional): The Siblings recently moved into town and have been rather busy with the setup of their family owned bookstore "Maho Shoten" or "The Magic Bookstore" in which they live in the upstairs. The name is a play off their last name, which also can mean magic, as such the company uniform is a hooded cape/robe.

Futeki, nicknamed Fu, is the oldest of the siblings as well as the owner of the store. While being the most easygoing toward others, she also is the easiest to lose her temper. Aside from her temper, her only other problem is her occasional lewd tendencies.

Aisuru, nicknamed Ai, is the second oldest and possibly the most normal of the siblings. Her cheery personality tends to easily attract others attention.

Shizuka, nicknamed Shizu, is the third oldest, only a few months younger than Aisuru. She spends most of her free time in the store, due to her love of reading. She seems to lack any obvious emotion, always showing a neutral expression and speaking in monotone.

Yokina, nicknamed Kina, is the second most often found in the store. She seems to have difficulties speaking with people she isn't familiar with, being timid and skittish around new people.

Fumei, nicknamed Mei, is the second youngest and the most "energetic" of the siblings. She has a strong imagination and loves sharing her ideas with the people around her.

Wasure, nicknamed Wasu, is the youngest of the siblings. Being the only male in the group, Wasure is a rather idle person. More often than not, he can be found sleeping around the shop. Despite this, he's actually really helpful around the shop and the house.

Even with their own unique differences, the siblings share quite a few common interests. They each enjoy magic (though that's only from what they've read), they each enjoy books (though they have their own preferences), and they each love their siblings and their shop/home. (which is a reason that they always wear those cape/robes)


Soul Reaper Appearance:
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Full Name: Sorin Tsuzuname

Nickname: N/A

Appearance Age: 25

Actual Age: 520

Date of Birth: December 8, 1467

Date of Death: October 2, 1492

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Japanese

Species: Soul Reaper

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 125 lbs.

Division: Squad 4

Seat/Rank: Captain

Shinigami Uniform Changes: Captains Haori

Scars/Tattoos: Tattoo on his forehead

Reiatsu Color: Green/Blue

Zanpakuto Name: U-itchi isha (Witch Doctor)

Zanpakuto Spirit:
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Release Command: Bring forth Salvation...U-itchi isha

Shikai Appearance:
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Shikai Ability/Attacks: The staff can produce a shining dust that can heal whomever the dust makes contact with. It can also produce blasts of light, which can be used to attack opponents.

Bankai Name: U-Itchi Megami (Witch Goddess)

Bankai Appearance:
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Bankai Ability/ Attacks: The zanpakuto spirit manifests a more powerful physical form (similar to Kurotsuchi and Komamura's bankais), allowing it to do battle. It can heal, and attack with light, just like in shikai only stronger. While in bankai, Sorin's staff is replaced with a normal zanpakuto, allowing him to fight and defend himself even without his bankai present.

Extra Abilities/Skills:

Extra Weapon(s) or Items: An emergency first aid kit, with items that can be used for healing both physical injuries and recovering spiritual energy.

Personality: He's normally a rather kind, though not always helpful, person, but when dealing with excessively strong adversaries or patients who don't cooperate he shows a very scary side to which he does whatever he feels necessary to get the job done.

Hobbies: Reading and enjoying a drink and/or snacks outside.

Social Skills: He comes off as a very direct person, having no issues with stating the matter at hand or speaking his mind.

Favorite Food: Sweet pastries.

Favorite Drink: Milk

Least Favorite Food: Anything sour

Likes: Sweets, sunny days, cooperative patients, and a lot of other things.

Dislikes: Sour foods and uncooperative patients

Hates: nothing in particular

Relatives: N/A

Biography Before Death: Unknown

Biography After Death: He keeps most information about himself hidden from public knowledge.



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Alterations to Image:

╓ Main Information ╖

Age Appearance: 23
Age: N/A
Year of Death: N/A
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 250lbs

Race: Shinigami

Behavior: Unpredictable
Personality: Normally a nice person, at times can get very cold, cruel, or hateful....depends on what he's doing.
Way of Life: N/A
Sexuality: Straight

╓ Squad Information ╖

Squad: 12
Rank: Captain

╓ Battle Info ╖

Strong Points:
• Hakuda
• Zanjutsu
Weak Points:
• Kido
• Lightning
• Losing his Comrades
• Losing his Sanity

Special Abilities:
• He has a very adept mind, which allows him to analyze others abilities as well as their personality, as well as physical and mental status, Which he then plays off of.
He is also able to easily adapt to unexpected changes both in opponents and in environment and make adjustments accordingly.
• Athletic: Increased Stamina
• Crafty: Increased Insight

Personal Battle Skill: Zanjutsu
╓ Zanpakuto Information ╖

Zanpakuto Name: Mizu (Water)
Zanpakuto Sealed Appearance: Standard Katana with the edge missing (unable to cut)
Zanpakuto Spirit
Zero's Zanpakuto Spirit. Much like the ocean, she can be very kind and gentle, but in an instant can become harsh and unforgiving. She gets rather irritated when Zero spends too much time around other females.

Zanpakuto Inner World

Zanpakuto Element: Water
Zanpakuto Type: Versatile

Shikai achieved
Shikai Name: Mizu Kaibutsu (Water Creature)
Shikai Appearance Unchanged
Shikai Release Incantation: Morph, Mizu Kaibutsu!
Shikai Ability: It can change it's shape and form at the user's will.
Generic Attack: N/A

Bankai: Achieved
Bankai Name: Gekido Mizu Tenma (Raging Water Demon)
Bankai Description: The sword melts into a small body of water at Zero's feet. The water will remain at Zero's feet unless willed to do otherwise. It can also increase it's area if it comes in contact with any other amounts of liquid.

Bankai Release Incantation: Bankai, Gekido Mizu Temna!
Bankai Ability: The water will lash out in different forms at it's target and can also pull up around Zero to work as a shield. This water is alot more dense than normal water and cannot be absorbed, dissolved, or frozen. The water can change it's density to allow the conduction or insulation of electricity.
Powered Generic Attack: N/A

Attack #1: Enhanced Control: Where as normally, the water would react purely off the users will. It's speed, power, and formation strength is greatly increased do to the guidance of the users hands. (Plainly put, if I use my hands to control it, it gets faster, stronger, etc...)
Attack #2:Healing Water: The water will cover it's designated target and heal most injuries. In this state, the water solidifies around it's target to protect them from further damage.


╓ Other Weapons ╖

Weapon Type: N/A
Weapon Range: N/A
Weapon Weight: N/A
Weapon Properties: N/A
Special Properties: N/A

╓ Other Battle Info ╖

Known Kidou
List of Known Kidou
Hado: Sho, Byakurai, Shakkaho, Okasen, Sokatsui, Soren Sokatsui
Bakudo: Sai, Hainawa, Rikujokoro, Hakufuku, Tenteikura
These are his primarily used spells, it is unknown if he knows more.
Shinigami Abilities
List of Known Shinigami Abilities
╓ History ╖
The time and cause of his death, along with what he did before death is shrouded in mystery. Zero has always been an unpredictable person and the only information that was guaranteed about him was his unpredictability. While Zero is well known for doing stunts like walking into a group of over a dozen armed thugs, unarmed, and within an instant defeating them all, before he had joined the court guards. When he joined the squads it became obvious to anyone who crossed his path, that they should worry about his fighting capabilities, but they should fear his ever contemplating and unpredictable mind. For whatever reason Zero decided to join the court guard squads, He put astounding effort into it and within a year was promoted to Captain of Squad 12.


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Name: Shion
Age: 19
Ethnic: White
Country: United States
Weapons: Throwing Knives and a Dagger
Supplies: First Aid Kit, Wire, and Emergency Rations.
Personality: laid back, he treats most things as if they're not his problem, deep down he's kind and caring.
Likes: Setting traps, explosions, good food, occasional company
Dislikes: Rations, being rushed,
Family: Mother and Father died when he was still young. He has a sister who he was separated from not to long after that. She a complete mystery to him. Foster Father: Assumed Deceased.
Class: Saboteur:
Bio: After an accident killed Shion's parents, both him and his sister became orphans. Almost as soon as they reached an orphanage his sister was adopted and completely disappeared from his life, who and where she is is a complete mystery to him. After spending several years inside the orphanage, Shion was finally adopted by a friendly enough looking man. However, the man's intent for adopting him was not as friendly as he made out. Once he'd gotten to his new home, Shion was forced to become a thief and a beggar to survive, while the man pocketed any decent profit for himself. He took quickly to his new role, developing skills that would be of use to his survival, from learning how to set up objects as to impede a targets route, to setting objects to go off as an "accident", he did what he could to survive. Two attributes he took to rather quickly were handling knives and setting tripwires, which seemed to bring him joy. Having finally hidden away enough supplies to leave, He waited til it got dark, then disappeared into the night.

Having finally escaped that detestable place, Shion started traveling from town to town, selling out his abilities to whomever he decided to help, normally only requesting a place for the night and some food.