Pain and loss without really losing
Distance that surpasses distance
But love that's fighting through it
Hearts that change their beats
And find new rhythms
Songs that hurt but you can't forget 'em
Words that flow with love and emotion
But truth isn't in sync and neither is devotion
Can the tune of a lovers heart be altered
Or is there a constant change in time
That causes one to falter
Is consistency in beat too difficult to chance
Or will loves duet always have dissonance
Love was never meant to be a solo piece
If two aren't contributing,
Then the pain will never cease
It's hard to fight for something
When the prelude is set for an elegy
But the future isn't set in store
So you need to fight for your finale.
Don't you dare begin your coda there
Fight even harder, always put in more
Use every bit of your heart
and earn your encore.