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Zorua's Secrets: A Journey of My Mind
That title took me a while to come up with. Anyway, the main purpose of my journal is took write whatever's on my mind, and you get to read it, and laugh at it, or cry. But whether you love it or hate it, it's here. DEAL WITH IT. And I will write wha
No, I'm not talking about the "dreams" of your long un-achieved goals. I'm talking about the real dreams you have. The ones when you're fast asleep and your brain decides to co me up with the craziest things to keep yourself occupied as you sleep. Sometimes, it's really hard to remember the dreams you had, some people just can't seem to remember them at all. On the other hand many people, unlike myself, have been able to lucid dream. Which means that when your dreaming, you realize that your dreaming. Those must be the best kind of dreams, because you can then do what ever you want. rofl Most of the time when we dream, we don't realize we're dreaming and we think that it's actually happening. Even if it's the most insane thing. I remember I had a dream, where I was jumping off bridges with Anthony and Ian from Smosh. We weren't trying to kill ourselves or anything. We jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, some bridges in China, and some bridges in my local town. Somehow, we managed to be "Champion Bridge Jumpers" I woke up that morning and I was just like eek I was really happy that didn't happen in real life. I'd probably be dead. But it would've been AWESOME to have actually meet Ian and Anthony from Smosh in real life. mrgreen Some dreams, I really love, but I really wish they happened in real life. Here's an example of one of these dreams; I was with my crush and we were supposed to be preparing for some chicken pot pie festival or something. There was a couch in the room and we both were taking a break. We both sat on the couch, we were both on opposite sides at first. But then my crush scooted closer to me and both his arms around me and proceeded to cuddle me. It was as if he was protecting me as he lightly put his head on mine heart Before I knew it we were both lying down and my head was on his chest. He was smiling at me and I was smiling at him. When I woke up that morning I was like 3nodding but then I realized it was only just a dream and then I was like scream It was so weird seeing him the next day. Which reminds me of those dreams you have when someone you know is doing something weird, like drinking gasoline or something, and then you see them the next day and you're like blaugh Last thing I will talk about in this entry is false awakenings. It's when you have a dream you wake up in the morning, in your bed, and everything is the same as usual and so you start doing what you normally do, and then you wake up and then you're like "Wtf just happened?" Trust me, that's your brain being an epic troll =_= Well that's my entry for today PEACE OUT!!!!

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