Rps Starters <3

The sun slowly set to the west of the castle, making the trees look like small mountains. The city below was full of commotion even though evening was fast approaching. The arrival of the prince's future bride had the city stirring with excitement as they prepared for the wedding. It was scheduled for the morning. The sun soon winked out, covering the world in a shroud of darkness, only broken up by pin points of light covering the sky. Lefel took this as her chance to escape. They had made the mistake of putting her room only on the second story of the castle. She had no plans on getting married in the morning. She tossed the rope from her window and silent scaled the castle's wall. She grunted softly when she dropped a few few to the ground making her way to the black stallion that had been prepared for her by her maid. She smiled at the woman, hugging her quickly before jumping on the horse. She took back roads to the gate, paying the guard off which allowed her to pass through before she road off into the night.