First Adventure~

Very boring indeed.
It's quite late, I should probably sleep, but I'm having too much fun doing nothing and exploring the Journal feature to bother about such boring things now.

Just watched this movie called Slipstream, totally weird and confusing, but got me thinking, and although it was mostly bullshit, it was a good movie for once. My mom fell asleep, my sister gave up and went to play Zelda instead, and my dad pretended to pay attention at least, but got distracted by some other movie on his iPad.
Weirdest movie I've ever watched, I think, but awesome.

I also just remember what I dreamed last night; it was totally weird and pointless, but I dreamed I woke up at exactly 15:10 (yes, on saturdays it is not unlikely for me to sleep until three) and sat in bed watching my girlfriend sleep beside me while calculating that I had had exactly 12 hours of sleep, then going back to sleep. When I actually woke up, the first thing I said was "It isn't ten past three now by any chance, is it?" And luckily, it wasn't, because that would seriously have been creepy. o.o