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D1: It was night time and I was with my friend and brother and we went to a store. I can't remember. After that I was in the parking lot looking for them. My friend found me and I went with him to his truck. So he drove me and my brother to what I think was Edward's Theater or United Artist.

We got inside and headed to the bathroom where there were two teens. One said to my brother, "My name is Jones". The other one was named Brooke. Something happened that led them to insult us. Jones called me, "Pismo teeth", and I thought, "Pismo teeth?" as I laughed at how petty the insult was. I thought of "prism" instead.

I tried saying things to her, but I had gum in my mouth. She could still hear me. Then my brother said, "Hold on" as he was taking a lot of gum out of his mouth. It was blue. He put the gum onto his teeth and blew a bubble, which fired and landed on Jones' chin. I laughed as I saw her wipe it away.

Some had entered into her mouth and she got angry. So I decided it was a good time to leave. Before I did, I saw Brooke standing in what looked like a walk-in shower. I saw her butt, but I soon noticed she was wearing skin-colored tights.

We got out as Jones tried insulting us, but I couldn't make sense of it and told my friend and brother how stupid it was that she was even trying. My brother said something and I told him, "They were hitting on you at first. That's why she said, 'Hi, I'm Jones'."

I began running away with them. Then we sat for a bit until I noticed Jones and Brooke coming out. So I went to the right where there were wide stairs. I grabbed onto the handles and jumped forward, swinging my legs out. People were in the way, but that didn't matter.

Then we went down the next set of steps and I did the same thing, landing lightly when I was down stairs. We went out and it was daytime. We walked up this asphalt and saw a lot of black birds flying. We went to our right afterward. My friend began to skip, then I did the same. My brother didn't want to.

I stopped and turned to my right and saw someone else skipping. Then I turned toward my friend and we skipped toward each other. I asked, "I wonder if you get tired skipping instead of jogging."

I looked to my left and saw someone walking, like a college a student. Then I looked right and saw my brother walking away from us. He was heading to what looked like a tall structure with a ladder, metal bars on the structure. There was water over there like a beach and I said to my friend, "That looks like a place I dreamed about before."

My friend stood behind me after that and acted like he was dry humping me.