Hyena 1
Hyena Chorus

Zazu, why am I not in love?

Simple, sire. Things around here have gone to pot.

Oh, pish. What's important is how I feel.

The pride-lands have become the armpit of Africa!

I'm warm, witty, and.....good looking.

Hyenas are pouncing around like they own the place!

And I joke like no one's business...

There isn't enough water to fill a gnat's navel!

Is something missing? What is it?

YOUR GRASP ON REALITY. Do something, before the pride-lands go completely down the dumper! ....
Now If Mufasa were alive--

Oh, Shut up!

Consider it shut.

Mufasa, Mufasa, I'm sick to death of him. What did he have that I don't have?

Nothing! You lack nothing at all. Except a few....minor things. Adoring subjects, respect of your species, a loving family, a devoted queen, shall I go on, sire?

A queen! Yes, I need a queen!

(Stuttering.) W-what?

Yes! She would rule by my side! We'll have cubs! Little Scars, running all over the place! My heirs....My descendants! My lineage! I will be immortal!


Aah! Nala. Your timing couldn't be more perfect, do come in!
....That will be all, Zazu.

Oh, uh, Don't you think I should stay?

That will be all.

(To Nala.) Give a roar if you need anything.

Oh, come a little closer. I won't bite.

Scar, it's chaos out there, and someone needs to do something!

The world is full of problems...even for a king.

(Song begins.)
It's tough at the top,I deserve
A companion, a mate, who will start...
My cylinder's firing with fervor
And you, my sweet thing, fit the part.

Excuse me?

A king alone is a sad situation indeed,
but a king without that's a tragedy.
You can't be serious...
I've never been more serious.

Be Prepared for the stunning proposal
That power and beauty should bond!
Which cannot,be-fail to ensure cries of hail to

The chief and his consort,
The center-crown on sort
of ruling, ascendance,
our line of descendants,
Will flow through the pride and beyond!
(End song.)
(Nala scratches him)

Oh-hohohoh, Nala, Nala, Nala. Tsk-tsk-tsk....
You know, you really have no choice.
One way or another....I always get what I want.

(He goes outside.)

Let the pride be my witness, I choose Nala as my queen!

And I reject you!

Be my queen, or you will be forever banished from the pride-lands.

You can't banish me!

.....*sigh*.....Take her away.

Be reasonable, Scar.

Didn't you hear me?


Take her away! I am the king! You must DO AS I SAY!
(They don't move.)
Ahh, so that's the game, eh? Mutiny? Ha....Insurrection? Hah....fine. Have it your own way. I don't require your respect. Only your obedience.

(Song start.)
It's time you were all introduced to
Your ruler's executive staff.
Perhaps, not the kind you've been used to
But certainly game for a laugh.

We like to assure you no fooling,
Red meat is no longer our scene,
And if now or then we're seen drooling,
It's only an ancestor's gene!

So be prepared for a glorious future!
Be prepared for the pride's golden age!

It's like any other,
Who'd murder a broth-

If we don't spread rumors,
He'll feed us and groom us!

With friends in high places,
We hold all the aces!

So don't try and rattle my cage...

Oh, imagine if anyone dared!

Be prepared!

Oh, imagine if anyone dared!

Be prepared....!