Topic of a gun thread (too irritated by these people to even want to respond):
"Loving guns means hating lives?"
Yes, yes, yes it ******** does. (I love guns.)
Did I mention the part about despising the people on this site and the compulsively obsessed schizophrenics that just need to make 50+ gun control topics like there's no tomorrow? Some of these ******** have made 3+ threads each.

You see, they try to defend this position of over-reacting. Somehow in the midst of their stupidity, they think that loving guns does not make you a "maniac". Could you actually believe that coming from someone that might say something like, "I take my gun with me, because I hope to God someone starts shooting so I can take them out."? The problem with this mentality is that, yes, you are a paranoid nut-job. They sit there all smug with the mindset that they legitimately hope for someone to go on a shooting spree just so they could prove that they're some big tough guy. (that will most likely refrain from firing, completely miss, or go on some type of, "I'm a HERO!" craze if in fact they do manage it)

You know why that is, because they somehow think they deserve some type of immediate praise from one incident. Any legitimately stable police officer doesn't ******** do that; it's just one damn job. You just celebrate a quick round, then go back to what you were doing, but these people? It will never bring them happiness, and then they'll try and justify their horrid behavior just because of, "That one time; I'm be HERO!" They just want immediate media coverage and their name up in lights for that one incident to prove, "Gun Owners are good people!" and "I'm the best damn person on the planet! Worship Me!"

Do you know how rare it is that a "conceal and carry" person actually does in fact prevent some "heinous crime"? I can pretty much guarantee that it's less than 1% of all the gun owners, but that's what they always ******** go back to. "What about all the people that were saved from a Concealed Carry..." Just no, alright? I bet you can't even name 10 instances that happened last year where that happened. (Better yet, let's make it 5.)

All in all, yes, loving guns does mean you hate people. It's just that all the pro-gun ******** think they're better than them, probably because they follow that insipid argument of, "Hate doesn't exist." No, they're just too damn big of cowards to even admit that yes, they hate me, they hate all the so-called "liberals", and they do in fact wish death upon them all. The fact that they refuse to acknowledge their own "abortion kills off potential liberals" jokes pretty much means that yes, the joke wasn't made with good standings, and that yes, their love of guns does in fact lead to the conclusion that they hate people. They just think they're the good guys because they won't admit how deep their hatred actually goes, and because of which, yes I do love certain aspects of guns, and I pretty much wish death upon anyone that even tries to pretend that they're "real" men in their next goddamned "Gun Control" topic.

Yes, gun lovers are maniacs, and so am I. Toodles, mon ********!