So its been about Six months since school started. I absolutely hate school. Seeing people you don't really want to see. Listening to things I don't really want to hear. I deal with it anyways cause its way better then me sitting at home with my step mom.

I love her dearly but she can be a b***h.

Now I know barely anybody is going to read this and I don't even know if there's a certain way to do It but I like talking so Ill do this when ever I can.

So as I was saying I think my step mom is a complete b***h she thinks sh can control me. I know thats what everybody says but i swear its true. I always have to watch what I say and I can't be myself around her. She doesn't understand me.

And I hate the way that she is always talking down on my friends. She doesn't know them.

Sorry for the long rant but yeah. My life.