Hello Mina!

I haven't posted an entry in a while, but I have a good reason! I was too lazy.
Well anyways, today I had my Japanese Class, and I am starting to learn Kanji! I asked my teacher how old a Japanese child is, that knows how to write 50 Kanji. She told me they know how to write at least 50 Kanji, by the time they are six! I am sixTEEN and only know a couple of Kanji. That made me feel slightly depressed.

On another note, I had Karate on Tuesday, which resulted in me having my entire body ache. Then I had boxing right after Karate aswell. sad It was hell.

This Afternoon, I am going to buy my senior High School Uniform with my mother today. smile I am going to buy a blazer, tie, long sleeve shirt and pants. I'll post a picture of me wearing it, only if I look good in it. biggrin

Bye bye!