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Name: Amellie Delilah Moon...Dollie Moon

Age: 20

Gender: Female

SN Gene:
(Female only and must Post Action: Random Number lowest-1 highest-1000. If the number is higher then 500 and odd you have the SN Gene. Please don't wine about if you don't get it and don't cheat.)
First time or returning costumer: A Regular if you must know..

Likes: sweets, hair dye, fitting in.

Dislikes: being outcasted, her bipolar, her father.

Dollie was born the daughter of Izzy Moon and Shade Kenjiro. Second oldest of seven children, Dollie had a surprisingly lonely upbringing. She now clings to the comfort given by her beloved hosts. In an act of resistance toward her parents, Dollie has dyed her hair numerous times, always going back to some shade of pink, and has covered herself in tattoos. her most fond being "Save the Queen" on her left shoulder and a lock and key scrawling love under it on her hand. Her older brother Max, a tattoo artist, is responsible for all of the body art that Dollie flaunts with pride.
Theme song:
Made by: Miranda Love