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Stories and junk.
Enjoy, if ya can. c:
Dying to Be Alive : Chapter five

Richard pushed the anonymous woman onto the bed, kissing her passionately. He pushed her down, panting loudly and tears came from his eyes as he sunk his teeth into the woman's neck. Her screams were piercing.
Richard sat there in guilt, staring at the woman's body. She was probably dead by now. He needed to get rid of the body. And, quickly. He couldn't let Despair find out. Or anyone else.

Elenore woke up, being shaken by her mother.
"Wake up, honey. It's time for school." Her mother whispered, smiling at her. Elenore sat up, sighing deeply. She stood and walked to the bathroom to brush her hair and teeth.
Once she was finished, got her clothes on. And, instead of going to school, she decided to go back to see Scarlett and the others. She packed what she would need for the little trip. Like she would really need anything from home.

Elenore climbed through the broken window that she had shattered before and lowered herself onto the same desk.
The glass crunched beneath her boots as she walked. And, Elenore looked around once again. She found a door and walked over, pulling on the door handle, but it wouldn't work. It must have been locked.
Elenore took her bobby pin and unlocked the door. It wasn't a crime to break into this school. It was closed. Other kids broke in before her. The town didn't care. They would let people break in and look around. Everyone else who has broke in claimed that this school was haunted. If it was, Elenore would be glad. She'd be glad to see the ghost of her old friend. She would be excited to see her. The girl was the only person at school who would befriend her.
She sighed, ignoring the thoughts and pushed the door open. Her eyes widened, seeing body's in a corner of the room. And, a man at the door, holding a butcher knife.
Elenore stared to run quickly, remembering the face from her dream.
The man chased after her, and Elenore ran as quickly as she could. Just as she reached into the school hallway, another man came. Both of the men from her dreams.
She started to cry as the men chased her. "Leave me alone!" She screamed, running past a class room door. A figure came out of the doorway, grabbing her.
"No! Let me go!" She screamed, squirming. The figure put its hand over her mouth, pulling her back into the class room and the door slammed without either of them touching it.
Elenore was pushed into a seat. She looked up, seeing a man. He stood in front of the door, pushing his body against it as the two men banged on the door.
"Don't worry. You're safe with me. I'll protect you for Richard." He said, smiling. Elenore sifted to a comfortable position on the desk chair.
"Who are you?" She asked.
"Me? My names Damion."
"Why are you asking if I'm talking to you? There's no one else here."
"Oh. Can you not see her? The girl over there? She seems to really have an interest in you." Damion said, smiling.
Elenore looked over. She gasped, smiling widely.
What was sitting beside her, was the ghost of her best friend. Really, her only friend.
The girl put her hands over her face, pouting. She shook her head.
"Don't look at me, I'm hideous!" She said, speaking of the scars all over her body. Elenore took the girl, pulling her into a hug, smiling.
"Don't say such things! You're beautiful!" She told her, patting her back. How could she hug the girl? She's a ghost! Elenore didn't think to deep into it, she was just glad she could see her again.
"Ashley, its so good to see you!" Elenore said, smiling as the other girl wrapped her arms around her.
Ashley giggled softly.
"Well, girls. Lets get going. I think they're gone." Damion said to them.
Elenore stood up with Ashley, holding her hand as they walked to Damion.
"What happened to you? You don't have to tell me if it hurts to talk about it."
"Those assholes! They murdered me for no reason! A long with the others."
Elenore frowned. She sighed deeply. Now she was having bad thoughts. If this happened at least four years ago, how were they still here?
She didn't care. But, she wanted to badly to murder them both now.

Elenore heard screaming from another room. It sounded like Richard and Scarlett were arguing.
Damion quickly moved into the room, glaring at Scarlett.
"Shut up!" He yelled at her.
"What did I tell you?! Leave me alone!" Richard screamed at him, walking past him with a scowl.
Damion looked at his feet, no emotion in his face. Scarlett frowned, walking to him.
"Don't worry, dear. I'm sure he has feelings for you." She smiled, stroking Damion's dirty blonde hair.
"I'm sure he doesn't...I'm skinny. My hair is down to my neck. Plus, I'm blonde. I'm surely to womanly. And, he hates blondes." Damion crossed his arms over his chest, sighing deeply.
Scarlett sighed quietly. "Don't say that. I assure you, he loves you. He just doesn't want to show it." She pulled him into a hug, smiling. The girls walked in, Ashley moving swiftly. She turned her face as they past Richard, making sure he did not see her.

The day past quickly. It was already 10:27 AM.

Richard sat across from Scarlett, in another argument.
"I don't want my brother to be around you anymore. He is unsafe with you!" He yelled at her. Scarlett crossed her arms, sighing deeply. She looked away.
"He is more unsafe with you. If he leaves for the human world, he would be sent to an asylum. I don't want that for him." She said, frowning. Richard growled, standing up. He took the knife, jabbing it into Scarletts stomach, stabbing her over and over again.

Despair walked into the the room, humming quietly. He paused, seeing Scarletts body. And, Richard covered in her blood.
"What did you do to her?!" He screamed, running over and cradling Scarlett's body.
"I gave her what she deserved." Richard said, grinning.
Despair cried. He held Scarlett's body tightly, rocking back and forth. "She was pregnant." He whispered, sobbing.
Richard seemed to have no emotion when Despair told him this.
"If she cannot live...neither can we." Despair whispered, his voice sounding insane. He laughed softly for a few seconds. But, his emotion changed to hate towards his brother very quickly.
He stood up, taking the knife and walking towards Richard. He smiled.
"You know how much I love you, brother." He said as he started to stab Richard repeatedly.
Richard laughed maniacally.
Once Despair was finished with him, he took the knife and slit his own throat.

Despair slowly opened his eyes, now in an ambulance. He felt dizzy and weak. He looked up to see Scarlett, smiling at him.
"We're alright, Despair. Me, the baby, your brother." She bent over, kissing him.
"And, you will be alright, too." She whispered.

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