So I've been saving up for an expensive item(yes, 50k is expensive) for about 2 months now. Maybe one and a half, but that's not the point! The point IS that I'm SUPER CLOSE!! mrgreen I got 45k right now thanks to zOMG! 4laugh

That's another thing I will talk about now. I started playing zOMG! this morning and I LOVE it! Sure, my computer lags with all the animation going on, but it's super fun and easy(okay, roughly easy) and I get gold faster! whee Yay!~ heart

Right now I'm saving up for Venus Discordia, and after that I will be saving for Soft Sugarlace! After that I gotta get some pink shoes and then my Spring outfit will be complete! YAY!! 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh This is like the biggest thing I've ever saved for on Gaia so I'm reeeeaaaalllyyy excited! whee

Okay, that's all for now~ heart