D1: I was in the kitchen and I was sitting beside the sink while putting on my shoes. My brother was there, as was someone from San Jose named Michael. I was going to get ready to go to the bank, but Michael told me to turn on the water.

The water was hot, then he told me to turn on the gas stove, so I did. I didn't feel any heat or see a flame, but the water from the facet felt a bit cold. Michael was bothered by this and told me to work on it later.

As I was going to put on my shoes, I was at an old daycare I went to as a child. Someone I knew from McDonald's a long time ago was pushing this table against me, but I told him to stop. So he lifted it over my head. Then he took the opposite side of a pen and acted like he was writing on my forehead. I did nothing because it kind of tickled and I didn't believe he wrote or scribbled on my forehead.

I took the pen after I tied my shoes and thought about drawing a p***s on his face, but I was worried I might get in trouble. So I pretended I scribbled on his forehead, but he knew I didn't.

I found myself outside at some park and I saw a girl I knew from church. Her friend said to me, "You used to have zits." I said, "Everyone has at some point in their lives." Then I became frustrated because it was 10:00 pm and I hadn't gone to the bank. It was Friday night.

I then walked toward these porch steps and tried passing by. People were sitting on the steps. I saw a infant and a dog. I was worried the infant might fall off the steps, but no one seemed to worry. As I went up, I ignored the infant.

D2: I was at a house, which had my bedroom in it. I was asked by my step-brother if I had a sharp object. I asked what he meant and he was referring to a pencil sharpener. I told him I had one, so I looked for my green pencil sharpener. As I was doing that, my mom and sister and some others were coming in my room.

I got angry about this and told everyone, "Get the ******** out! You guys wouldn't like it if I went in your room." I was surprised I said that to them. I eventually found a metal pencil sharpener and tried sharpening the pencil, but it wasn't getting sharp enough.

I came out of my room and went to the counter in my kitchen and there was another pencil sharpener. So I used it, and while the tip wasn't as long, it was finally sharp. So I began looking for my step-brother, but I couldn't find him. Family members were leaving, but my aunt and younger cousin stayed. There were two old ladies I didn't even know.

I went outside through the garage to say good-bye to those who were leaving, but I removed my socks first and walked on the cold ground. There was a blue van leaving, and a girl from church was sitting on top of it, waving to me as it drove away.

I noticed my big toes began to sting from the cold, so I quickly went inside. I saw two gifts, one for me and one for my brother. Well, I wasn't in my house, so I saw another kitchen and when I looked in, I saw my step-brother. So I went to find the pencil from earlier and was going to give it to him, but when I returned, it was my brother, who was wearing a green polo shirt.