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Aura's Journal Check out my writing. Some of it's stories, some poems and some is just writing based off a feeling or something that happened.

Aura Wintergreen
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Blood Bond
This is another one of my stories. This one was an assignment for the horror genre I studied in English Extension One. It was influenced by Bram Stoker's Dracula mostly.
It is also evident of my liking of the name 'Dante.'

Blood Bond

She awoke her head pounding and a throbbing sensation at her throat.
“Dante, are you here?” She whispered.
“I’m here my love” he replied brushing her hand with his lips.
“My neck...” she said sitting up.
Dante smiled at her and sat beside her on the red velvet couch.
“The pain will fade soon; after all you’re a Vampire now my dearest Penelope”
Penelope let Dante brush her chestnut curls over her neck.

Penelope smiled at Dante and leant into him. “Dante, how old are you really?” she asked her fingers playing up his pale muscled arm.
Dante chuckled, “I do not remember my love, I was made a Vampire about a hundred years ago” he replied taking her left hand, and holding it in his.
“You don’t look older than twenty” Penelope said as she looked at his hypnotising green eyes, chocolate brown hair tied back with a silk ribbon and his pale muscled body.
“Vampires do not age, my Penelope, it gives a new meaning to ‘love of my life’” Dante replied running a finger over Penelope’s soft pink lips.
Penelope and Dante lay on the couch, the moonlight shining down on them, turning their skin silver.
“Together forever, no one can tear us apart” Penelope said.

“What do you think you’re doing Dante” an angry voice filled the room, bouncing off the walls and marbled floor.
“Avery” Dante breathed.
Penelope looked up at Avery. Imposing at seven feet tall, muscled bound and dark hair and eyes, Penelope knew that Avery wasn’t someone you messed with.

“Get up” Avery screamed at Penelope.
Penelope stood up and Avery grabbed her arm, twisting it painfully behind her.
“Don’t hurt her Avery” Dante growled.
“Don’t worry Dante, I won’t hurt her, however you’ll never see her again” Avery said a sinister smile playing on his cruel lips.
“What are...NO, you wouldn’t?” Dante said taking a menacing step forward.
“Oh yes Dante” Avery sneered “And if I was you I wouldn’t try anything or I might accidently hurt your precious Penelope”
“You’re sending Penelope away, but why?” Dante said.
“Because if I can’t have her, than neither can you” Avery said.

Penelope awoke as the sunlight hit her face.
“Go away Clarissa” Penelope yelled, pulling her quilt over her eyes.
Penelope’s step -mother yanked back the cover and glared down at her young step-daughter.
Penelope glared right back at her step- mother.
“Can I help you?” Penelope asked her tone icy.
“I’d like to know what happened to you Penelope. Ever since the police found you wondering around the streets disorientated a month ago, you’ve been acting strange” Clarissa replied.
“I’m fine Clarissa” Penelope replied her tone sweet.
“Ah Penelope, there’s my daughter” Penelope’s father strode into the room, a jaunty smile on his face.
“So Penelope, planning on getting up today” her father asked.
“Yes dad” Penelope smiled “If you two will excuse me I’ll go have a shower”
Penelope hopped out of bed and walked to her ensuite bathroom and closed and locked the door behind her.

She took a couple of deep breaths and sighed.
Day in, day out, it took all her energy, all her control to not scream at her dad and Clarissa.
It took every ounce of strength she had to stop herself from draining all the blood from their veins.
It had been a month and she was growing weaker, but Avery had told her that she must survive as long as possible without blood.
But it was harder to be away from Dante for a month.

Missing Dante was like a constant pain. Having eternal life meant that longing and pain could literally last forever.
All day long Penelope thought of nothing but Dante, even at night her dreams all contained Dante.

Penelope removed her diary and a pen from the medicine cabinet.
‘As the days go by I find myself haunted more and more by thoughts and dreams of Dante’
Penelope stopped writing and turned the shower on. If she didn’t get ready soon, Clarissa would probably break the door down.

Penelope slammed the front door and threw her bag into a corner of the hallway.
Since becoming a vampire school had become six hours of torture and temptation.
So many blood types, how Penelope wanted to drink, not to kill but just to satisfy her hunger and quell the sound of rushing blood constantly in her ears.
Her anger at Avery swelled inside of her; she curled her hand into a fist and smashed it into the wall. Her fist went right through the wall; sometimes punching inanimate things made her feel better.
Penelope stomped up the stairs to her bedroom. The sun was already starting to set on the winter afternoon.
Penelope was thinking once again of Dante, and when she locked her bedroom door behind her the last person she expected to see was sitting on her bed, leafing through her diary.

“Dante, is it really you?” Penelope asked suddenly breathless.
“Yes my love” Dante stood up and took a couple of steps forward, Penelope copied him and they met in the centre of the room.
“Dante” Penelope whispered and their lips met.
Dante wrapped his arms around Penelope, kissing her, his hands pressing the base of her spine. Her hands were twined in his hair, when they broke apart their eyes danced with happiness.
Hypnotic green stared into mesmerising blue.

“Why are you here Dante, I thought Avery said-“Penelope said touching the side of his face.
“Avery is dead, my love and you are able to return to our clan” Dante whispered as twisted Penelope’s now dyed black curls around his finger.
“I thought we were immortal.” Penelope replied with a troubled frown.
“Oh my sweetest Penelope, even we Vampires can be killed” Dante said with sorrow.
Penelope bit her lip and then a though occurred to her.
“Dante who is the new leader of our clan?” she asked.

Dante pulled a small box from his pocket and knelt on one knee.
“Penelope, you are my raison detra, my reason for being. Please do me the honour of becoming my Queen.” Dante said revealing a silver band with a large blood red ruby gem.
“You mean?” Penelope asked her voice high and ecstatic.
“Yes my love, I am the new Vampire King” Dante said.
“Dante, I wouldn’t care if you were the King or not, I’d always be your Queen” Penelope gushed and accepted the ring.
“Come my love lets go home” Dante said and swept Penelope up in his arms.
“You have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear you say those words” Penelope said snuggling into him.
Dante kissed Penelope on her pale cheek, and the pair disappeared into the night.

Penelope and Dante reappeared in a room with marbled floors and two thrones covered in red velvet upholstery.
“Your highnesses” a blonde vampire bowed and stood up again. “The arrangements for your wedding have began”
“Thank you Sandro” Dante replied with a warm smile.
“Sandro, could you please tell me about the arrangements?” Penelope asked.
“Of course if it pleases his and her highnesses “Sandro replied with yet another bow.
“Sandro, please don’t address me like that and don’t bow to me. My name is Penelope, and you shall call me that” Penelope said.
“Penelope is right, Sandro, you can call me Dante, as it is my given name” Dante said as he placed Penelope on her feet.
Sandro nodded, thinking of how Avery always insisted on being called ‘Your Highness’, Sandro smiled and launched into details about the up-coming lavish nuptials of Dante and Penelope.

Three days later Dante and Penelope were sitting in the same room they were, the night Avery tore them apart.
“This room holds so many memories” Dante said lacing Penelope’s fingers through his.
“Not all of them are golden memories” Penelope said as her and Dante sat down on the red velvet couch.
They were silent as the full moon fell on them, its glow casting silvery pools across their skin.
The howls of the wolves travelled through the eerie night and sinister laughter swirled around the howls.
“Werewolf hour” Dante said as he stood and crossed to the open window, the night breeze playing about his face.

Suddenly a scream sounded through the night, then silence.
Dante turned to Penelope his pale visage even more so, that his green eyes stood out particularly.
“Von Halis” he spat the name like it was poison.
Penelope’s eyes narrowed and she joined Dante at the window.
The screams continued. They nodded at each other they knew what they had to do.
Dante and Penelope joined hands and climbed onto the window sill, and stared down to the ground, it was a ten metre drop at least. They glanced at each other and jumped.

They hit the ground on all fours, their Vampire strength only causing a slight jarring on the impact. Penelope and Dante unlinked hands and started running towards the screams and the cruel and sinister laughter of Von Halis.
The scene that met their eyes was a bloody one. Von Halis had already slain several Vampires. The Vampires’ dismembered bodies littered the grass, their blood pooling beneath them. Here and there the grass was stained with the thick almost black blood of the fallen Vampires.

Dante snarled and lunged at Von Halis, his teeth bared. Von Halis in his surprise of Dante’s attack dropped his stake.
Penelope sprang forward and kicked it way into the darkness.
Halis knocked Dante away from himself, and picked up another fallen stake.
Stake in hand he advanced towards Dante.

“Stop” Penelope said her voice turning low and husky.
Von Halis turned to face her, stake at the ready.
“You don’t want to hurt me do you?” she asked, Von Halis, her beautifully blue eyes staring into his.
“No” Halis replied and dropped his stake to the ground.
“But you want to hurt yourself, don’t you?” Penelope whispered her voice like honey.
“Yes, I want to hurt myself” Halis replied.
Penelope smiled; he was completely under her spell.

Dante watched from a slight distance, a cruel smile on his face.
This is what female Vampires did best. They charmed you with their eyes, voices and looks. Once they had you under their spell and were so far gone. They’d get you to commit acts most sinful and dreadful.

“Do you think I’m pretty?” Penelope asked Von Halis as she took a step towards him, her movements as graceful as a ballerina.
“You’re beautiful” Halis whispered hoarsely.
“Would you do anything for me?” Penelope asked twirling a lock of hair around, one long delicate finger.
“I’d do anything for you” Halis replied a dutiful look crossing his face.
“Would you die for me” Penelope asked softly.
“I’d die for you” Halis said sounding like a drone.
“Good” Penelope laughed.
Dante chuckled softly to himself from his hiding spot. Some Vampire hunter Halis is he thought he didn’t even guard himself against spells like Penelope’s.
He was going to die for his stupidity and the fallen Vampires will be avenged.

“Dear sweet Von Halis” Penelope smiled. “Do you carry a gun?”
Von Halis stared transfixed at Penelope, and pulled a small handgun from the holster strapped to his left ankle.
“I use it on werewolves” he said dopily, a silly smile on his face.
“Von Halis, there’s something I want you to do, to prove your loyalty to me” Penelope whispered.
“Anything” Von Halis shouted. “I do anything for you”
“Shoot yourself in the head” Penelope ordered, her blue eyes flashing with malice.

Von Halis put his gun to his head and pulled the trigger.
A sound like a small explosion rang through the night.
Penelope laughed cruelly as her clothes were splattered with Halis’ blood and his body hit the ground.
“Fool” she spat.
Dante came out of his hiding spot and put his arms around Penelope.
“You are the most amazing Vampire ever my love” he whispered, his hands caressing her waist.
“No Dante, we’re the most amazing Vampires ever” Penelope said as turned to see his beautiful green eyes.
“No hunter will dare bother us again” Penelope said as her and Dante’s lips met.
When their lips separated they stayed close, staring into each other’s eyes.
“It looks like we really will be together forever” Penelope said and they kissed again.

Tomorrow they would wed and no hunter would ever get in their way of eternal love.

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