Our current science can not handle consciousness; although some people like to say quantum physics can explain consciousness. The fact of the matter is that physics can not deal with an experiment where a human being is involved... in the loop. This goes back to the way quantum physics was originally build back in the 1913's 20's. and 30's.

Whenever there's a conscious observer present he causes a collapse of the wave function. The wave function is a mathematical construct that describes the waviness of probability's of events at the quantum level and quantum physics is a set of equations that describes how this wave function behaves. When an observer looks at... an experiment, he causes a collapse of this wave function; he destroys information, basically starts the wave function from 0 and things have to start up again.

An observer right now has a chaotic effect in trying to describe or explain... what goes on when a person's in the loop. Our physics right now is incomplete, it can not deal with a consciousness, effecting other physical objects in an experiment. What you find is that most of physics experiments keep observers out of the loop. But because a consciousness collapses a brain function, he messes up their predictions and we don't know how to deal with it.