D1: I was in a store and I saw a mask that reminded me of Two-Face from The Dark Knight. I went to tell someone who I knew, a friend perhaps, in the dream and was going to get it, but when I went back, there were some people around a comic book rack, so I went back to my friend and brought him with me. When I showed him the mask, I noticed it didn't look the same as it did before.

It was the Plague Doctor mask item on Gaia, except one side was black and the other side was white. I don't remember anything after that. I may have awakened.

Then I was in another place with these people I didn't know. I can't remember the transition between that and what I saw next. I was in a store and went in line where my mom was standing. There was someone in front of us, but I cut a black woman. When the customer in front of us was done, I turned to the black lady and told her she was next. She had some attitude, as if I was going to try to be next.

When it came time for us to meet with the customer, I told her I wanted to buy a dress for dance lessons. I regretted this. I was somehow aware that my mom was happy about this. I gave the employee a $20 bill, but I didn't have the dress with me, so I told her I'd go get it. I went away to find it, but I was finding small, white long-sleeved shirts with green vests. I never returned, but my mom came up to me and I asked if she could get my $20 bill. She did.

Then I told her as we were leaving that I didn't really want to learn dance lessons, but it seemed like she was going to try having me learn anyway. I don't remember anything after that.