There was a woman.
A unique woman
She felt like an unloved woman
She was a partier, a dreamer
Then the accident; Oops
Now there's a baby.
A quiet baby
A fatherless baby
She's growing up, she's learning life
She's the accident; Oops.
The woman is a mom
She's a scared mom
She becomes an abusive mom
She's manipulative, She's controlling
She doesn't want The Accident; Oops
The baby's a young girl
A lonely girl
An abused girl
She's a watcher, she's a fighter
She knows she's an accident; Oops

She's grown more, she's a freak
A no good freak
An unwanted freak.
A disappoinment
A mistake
An accident; Oops

She cuts
She bleeds
She cries
The freak reaches
And grasps nothing
She tries
She fails
She cuts
She bleeds
She's gone..
An Accident...