It is not known when or where Ryujin first descended from the heavens to the land, but when him and his children came man was ignorant of true honor, they were either barbarians who raided and pillaged, beasts who killed each other for religion or gold, or those who thought themselves gods cause they wore bejeweled hats. Ryujin and his children felt pity for man, even more for those who wished just to live but were constantly plagued by the Barbarians, Kings, or Crusades one of these people are the first a ryu came to. In part of becoming students in the ways of the Ryu the ryu pledged to protected them from men and their brothers of fire, the people were taught the ways of honor, how to forge weapons and armor and of course the ways of Bushido and Chi. The Martial Arts and Weapons were only a start however from their teachings disciplines were formed, things that would announce to the world the followers of Ryujin did not rely on the Ryu but the ways of Blood and Steel.

The first was the way of the Ashigaru men who were farmers, miners, masons, and fishers in times of peace but when a threat came they would dawn armor and raise weapons in their peoples defense. Next came the Sohei, Monks who took the ways of the warrior as a way to bring themselves closer to the Ryujin and the other Gods, their bodies toughened by non stop training and their souls and minds refined from non stop teachings. Then the first Katana was forged steel sharper then any other and then came a Warrior made to wield it, a warrior who's life was built on Blood, Steel, & Honor, one who would rather die then be dishonored, then came the Samurai. Finally came those who wished to be silent guardians, they would protect those who slept at night, daggers to cut through the darkness, they were called the Shinobi.