I decided to write this here, because I don't really want anyone to see it, but there's still a possibility that someone will.
So let's get ******** started. Sit your ******** a** down b***h, and get off your ******** high horse. You're a brain damaged, ******** up complete ******** douche face ******** a*****e, and I hope you stay in the deepest pits of ******** hell where you were HATCHED.
You have abused me the ENTIRE time you've known me, when all I did was be nothing but me, AND YOU HAVE THE ********. Well here it ******** is, I finally snapped. And IM STILL NOT TELLING THIS TO YOU, BECAUSE IM A ******** NICE GIRL. for the SECOND time in the long time I thought I knew you, you played with my head, and my ******** feelings, AFTER EVERYSINGLE ******** THING I EVER TOLD YOU, AND YOU STILL ******** WITH MY HEAD LIKE THIS. I am NOT the bad guy here, you made me to believe we were dating, AGAIN. And, this time you actually mentioned the word DATING, so don't even tell me it was otherwise.
Now mind you, you know im oh i dont know SICK, so i have my own ******** ******** problems of my own, AND I AM SO TIRED OF BEING STRONG. I'm sorry that IM AT THE HOSPITAL LIEK ALL THE TIME, and not EVEN my hospital, im in hospitals, i could ******** run a tour to at least nine different hospital, or medical places! I am not even ******** exaggerating. I take 23 ******** pills every single ******** day, just to stay alive, i have gone through more pain then your PATHETIC life could even FATHOM, not some ******** fantasy world in my god damn ******** brain. i have been through SO much, and I am one strong ******** now, so ******** right of with your self righteous narcissistic a*****e ******** c**t self. YOU DONT HAVE A ******** VENA PORT IN YOUR CHEST SO WHY ARE YOU CHOKING. You're a ******** b***h, and dont EVER speak to me again, EVER.