In 1927, at the 5th Solvay conference; on physics in Brussels Belgium. A new proposal of mind over matter was admitted, to try to resolve... inexplicable behaviors on quantum mechanics.

With the greatest minds in history attending (such as Einstein, Pauli, Dirac, Heisenberg, Curry, just to name a few) The subject of consciousness and the atomic war was at hand. Heisenberg approached Einstein with a new theory... That the minds of the researchers were affecting the results of the experiments.

The mathematics of predictably where not repeatable and reliable enough to explain what was happening. Einstein could not except this at first, because it violated all mathematical models... years later he admitted, it was happening.

Einstein said "Anyone who becomes seriously involved in the pursuit of science... becomes convinced, that there is a spirit manifests in the laws of the universe; a spirit vastly superior to that of man."