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KeystoneShaneDVS's Journal
My thoughts, ideas, and personal rules I try to live by, plus a few other things.
Here are the rules and guidelines for the Lycan Alliance Tourney:

This is for people wanting to fight in the Event, must read through everything in order to have a chance at wining this Tournament

Fight Rules / Notes / Guidelines

referee & Judge/s ~ Ice banyez / Princess Kyonko banyez / Empress Rinceoir Tine
Staff ~ Queen Kiyaara Banyez / Princess Kyonko Banyez / Princess Sexy Banyez / Gamzee Banyez
- help run the event

logic text based fighting style is one of the most common ways to battle. Respect, Honor and Trust are the key points to a successful clean and fair fight. This competition will be 1 on 1 only. Both guy and girl may enter.

➤Posting information (must read): {Introduction to Battling once fighters are in position and ready to commence}

2 posts: (must read)
When commencing the battle, fighters will get the countdown {three..two..one..Fight} your first post must NOT be a hit post {for example, Runs up and kicks in the head} incorrect, here is the correct way..1st post {runs up, sprints up, jumps up} any of those, then 2nd post {kicks in the head}, same principle with dodging or blocking,avoiding. 1st post {gets ready to dodge} 2nd post {dodges the blades}
posts = Speech bubbles, {first post = first speech bubble,second post = second speech bubble}
once both fighters have done their first post, other posts after that can be hit / dodge / block / counter posts,

automatic DQ if the 1st post rule is broken

{note}: [do NOT post what happeneds to your opponent {for example, breaks his ribs,snaps neck that is Incorrect here is the correct way, punches ribs, kicks ribs, claws ribs, bites ribs grips and twists his neck etc etc]

If you want to do a combo post, 2 hits ONLY per post {for example, -crouches then upper cuts his jaw, then jumps in the air and side kicks his guts-}

➤Fighting Detail (must read):

make sure when you are attacking to….
-Type where you will be hitting {for example, head,guts,legs,knee joints,ribs etc etc…}
-Type what you are blocking/dodging/avoiding/jumping/rolling {for example, dodges kick,avoids punch,jumps low kick,rolls to the side of the kick}
-similiar to dodging but may take time typing it out {for example,steps to the side of the punch, and punches rib cage}.

{note} [if your reaction is slow when trying to perform a dodge/counter you may lose the fight, its all about out texting your opponent]

hint - speed typing

➤ Fight Timer (must read):
-time set {5 minutes - 2 Rounds}
if can’t pick a winner within the 2 rounds, the fight will go through to round 3 (final round)

➤ you will be Judged on (must read):

2.The detail in your attacks/defense/counters (if a fighter Types a lot of words, the defender/attacker must type the same AMOUNT of words in a response.
4.How well you react (realistically)
6.Typing speed {note} [The faster Post will be the dominant post, and must be reacted to either in a dodge/counter]
7.Respecting Referees
*Additional Rule*No GUNS, No SORCERY (magic abilities) {Acceptable Weapons, sword, knife, blade, dagger, claws, shark tooth, crow-bar, bare-hand etc etc…}

{note}: [you only fight with what you have, the hit will not be VALID (won’t count) if you attack with a weapon you do not have on your avatar/character]

{breaking any of the Rules/Guideline Notes COULD lead to a DQ (Disqualification)}
You get 2 warning DQ’s, once you make a 3rd DQ during a fight, its over “victor goes the spoils”

{note} ; note that this is not Tier 1, and that ‘T1’ rules of engagement do not apply within this fight system

Entry Form further down

(fill out - copy and paste from the word ‘name’ down to the agreement {just like filling out the job form} in the ‘reply’ to the forum)

➤Entry Form - {CLOSED}



Guild/Pack Association:

Ranking Position in the Guild/Pack (if known):

Payment due: [see King Ice Banyez about the payment fee]

I ______ have read and agree to abide by the Fighting Rules/Guidelines, and accept ALL referential assistance during the time of the tournament,and also will subdue payment of the entry fee.

Community Member
  • 08/21/16 to 08/14/16 (1)
  • 04/17/16 to 04/10/16 (1)
  • 01/03/16 to 12/27/15 (1)
  • 12/20/15 to 12/13/15 (1)
  • 12/06/15 to 11/29/15 (2)
  • 11/22/15 to 11/15/15 (1)
  • 10/11/15 to 10/04/15 (1)
  • 01/18/15 to 01/11/15 (1)
  • 09/21/14 to 09/14/14 (1)
  • 08/03/14 to 07/27/14 (1)

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