All of my life, I thought I had no purpose, I was just taking up air that someone else needed, water that people needed.. I was just a jumble of chemicals wasted on a no body. What was the purpose of living if I didn't have a reason to leave, if I didn't have a purpose?
Then I found something I seemed to do well, help others. So I did whatever I could to help anyone, from giving money to people, to giving people advice. Then people started distancing themselves.. telling me they were okay, they weren't hungry or sad or stressed because they were worried about me.
But.. what else do I have to life then to help people..
Without that do nothing, am nothing, and again I become useless.
Maybe I'm like an old piece of technology, to be thrown away when someone who can do the job better comes along. So what will happen to me? Will I be thrown away? Tossed in to the trash like an old doll?

Will I eventually have no reason to live, to breath?