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Top Games of 2012 (According To Forbes)
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Noticing repeating themes yet?
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TV Guide: TV Guide Most Popular TV Shows
1. For faux intellectuals, teaches idiots how to sound, look, and pass as intellectuals, and makes them think they're smart by watching it. Encourages promiscuity, discourages thought of risks in anything, encourages men to be weak and pathetic and to think that attractive, brilliant, successful men should think they're lucky to have girlfriends at all. Covertly racist against non-"whites." Covertly sexist against men, heavily. Anti-intellectual by it's explicitly negative portrayals of intelligent characters.
4. Desensitizes the audience to death, dead human bodies, mutilated human bodies, morbid humor, murder, and more. Does not always follow actual laws, despite it is a show about people who are supposed to thoroughly know and enforce the laws, so it teaches the audience that the laws are different from our actual laws in reality.
5. Pro-promiscuity, to the extremes. Anti-women, anti-men, anti-marriage, anti-couples, anti-children, anti-family, to the extremes.
7. For people who worship celebrities to the point they don't care how pointless it is, as long as it features a celebrity.
8. This is one of the ones I'm not familiar with... But, it's from ABC, and everything on ABC these days is full of horrible messages, especially on ABC Family, like that teenagers should be promiscuous, get married, have kids, etc.
9. While I'm not familiar with it, it's obviously in the same genre as Dexter, NCIS, etc.
10. Let's you watch people get their lucky break... Not only is it emphasizing the fact it's next to impossible to be successful in music if you don't come from such a background as to be connected to people already in the industry... It's acting like this is something to celebrate. Further, these "talented" people are explicitly to get that "lucky break" by relinquishing their own identities, to perform other artists' songs and musical styles, emphasizing the fact that musical "artists" in this society are not real artists, and are treated like Barbie and Ken dolls.
11. Another of the ilk that normalizes death, corpses, mutilated human remains, murder, etc.
15. I don't want to know. It's definitely a feminist propaganda show. How much would you bet against my guess?
16. Dancing With The Stars meets American Idol... Now, take away it meaning a damn thing, or having a lasting reward, because professional dancers don't make szyt, and are tossed in the gutter after a certain age.
18. From teacher to drug maker, and we are supposed to like this guy and think he's still a good role model. Is a big step towards making people think drugs in school is okay.
19. Vampires... They want you to love and sleep with sick, depraved murderers who literally eat your species as food.
21. I think that's another pro-murder show...
22. I believe that is pro-drugs.
The list just goes on and on with shows that are designed to program the viewers to be psychopaths and sociopaths.

Box Office Mojo: Total Grosses of all Movies Released in 2012
1. Ironman is a womanizer, a drunkard, and... In The Avengers, he's a metrosexual, or an in-the-closet homosexual. The Hulk is an untamable, murderous monster at a level that should be executed. I'm sure there's other huge, gaping flaws, but it's been a while since I watched this movie, and I'm not interested in re-watching it (it's awful - the acting and editing is worse than B movies).
2. N.W.O. Propaganda: Is just plain one of the worst movies I've seen in my entire life, and it is filled to the brim with N.W.O. propaganda about terrorism, Communism, blah, blah, blah. It's entirely un-Batman, and I hate it. I only own a copy of this piece of s**t because I collect Batman movies. This movie's opening day had a government staged mass-murder of civillains, which was just the first in many in the passed seven months, all with an intention to get the Second Amendment of the United States constitution revoked, to turn the United States into a police state Democracy of the likes of NAZI Germany, and Soviet Russia. The movie also contains the plot of the Sandy Hook mass-killing, in one scene, where a map of Gotham says Sandy Hook, and marks the location to do something where the Sandy Hook school mass-shooting occurred.
3. N.W.O. Propaganda: Anti-monarchy, anti-upper classes, racist against non-"whites," etc.
4. The new Bond sucks a**.
5. Twilight... Vampires... Let's all fantasize about cannibals, murderers, rapists, abusers, etc. The relationship of Twilight is one of the sickest fictional relationships ever written. Let's not forget... It also contains the propaganda brainwashing of the generation after mine saying for girls to be significantly older than their partners, as the human girl ages beyond being an adolescent, while her vampire lover is permanently a teenage boy.
6. Yes, ladies and gentlemen... Tolkien's works contain N.W.O. propaganda. Pro-drugs. Racist. Heightist. Sexist. And, while the antics of Legolas and Gimli (Lord Of The Rings) are quite entertaining in literature... I must say that actually watching a graphic depiction of those battles, and their antics within it, in those movies is utterly disturbing, and entirely unethical. These movies should be rated R, not PG-13, as they can easily give children nightmares, traumatize them, or teach them the wrong things... Yet, they have a PG-13 rating, to soften parents' judgements, so they'll let young children watch. I expect similar problems in The Hobbit. I would say Tolkien is great for adults... But, inappropriate for children, and iffy for teenagers. If The Hobbit's like Lord Of The Rings... Lord Of The Rings also added Christian touches that are not supposed to be in this series. Tolkien might have been in a Christian club, but there was no Christianity in his fictional works, which are based off PAGANISM. (I would say... Tolkien was likely an in-the-closet Pagan. He was also clearly a pothead.)
7. There's another Spiderman? Why?
8. Anti-men, and anti-boys. Very short. Hardly a story. Not worth watching. Not worth spending money on. Unless they make a sequal with a real story, I'd advise avoiding this Disney movie.
9. A teddy bear that has adult relations with women, curses, etc.
15. Reversed which character is the fairest of them all, in an anti-beauty, pro-plainness message. The queen is supposed to be inferior to Snow White in beauty, but in this movie, it's the other way around. In this movie, Snow White, whom is supposed to be the most beautiful woman on an entire continent, born by magical means, is plain. This is also racist, as blonds are separate races from dark haired races, and are often being hated out of envy.
I'm done with this list. You get the idea. 2012 sucked for movies. And, the biggest messages of movies in 2012 were all pro-feminism, anti-love, anti-family, etc. from N.W.O.

My point is...?
That certain generation today, mine included, have been programmed to be soldiers.


Youtube: World War III, Is America stupid? World War III has begun!

I could list you hundreds of articles from mainstream news of many different nations. World War III is here, but hasn't even begun at a serious level yet. It might get to that level later this year. Look to news from Asia.

The United States is filling our media with pro-war messages, and with other things that support soldier life, such as promiscuity (how soldiers have kids while they're long from their wives, fiances, and girlfriends back home, while they could die and lose chance to continue their bloodlines any second).
They are hitting children today the hardest, meaning they plan on them being soldiers, meaning they plan on this war lasting long enough that a five-year-old today could grow up to be a soldier in the same war.
China, the prominent nation of the other side of the war is doing the same thing.
Both nations are becoming highly militarized culturally, preparing their citizens psychologically for what's coming, and trying to recruit for the military.
The United States is eliminating alternative jobs to the military, and buying up ridiculous loads of ammunition, to try to be competitive with the gigantic armies of our enemies, whom have the biggest armies on Earth. (They also have the best warriors on Earth, throughout history, in those massive armies. The United States has angered the wrong nations.)

Watch the news for the island "dispute" most of all.
It isn't about those little islands, which are in fact 100% lawfully owned by Japan, and never in history belonged to China.
China is not after one oil source, they have expansion on the brain, and have a huge appetite.
(I have nothing against the Chinese, and you likely don't either. This is about the governments and corporations of our nations, not us civilians. (Sheeple being the modern preferred word for ordinary civilians.))