Rose is a sweet and lovely with blond hair. She was in the garden sitting on the soft grass as she trims the rose bush that was in front of her. She lived in a two story house out in the country. She was singing to herself as some one came across the garden's to where she was. She was soon going to be marring a man that she never met before. It was an arranged marriage. She had few months before the big day was to come.
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Victoria is a beautiful vampire that lives in an old castle in the dark forest. She is 218 years old and she is walking around in the forest. It is a lovely dark night and she is enjoying her time walking around. She had already fed and was relaxing, then she heard a noise. She Looks around to see who is it. She smiles as she sees that it is one of the other vampires that lived in the castle as well. "Hello Vincent. How are you this evening? I haven't seen you around for a while. Where have you been?" she asks him.User Image