Walnuts in Roman food lore were food for the gods. Roman grooms would throw walnuts at wedding guest to bring good health, to ward of disease, and increase fertility. In Romania a bride would hide in her Biodiversity one walnut for each year she wished to remain childless. In the middle ages walnuts were thought to ward of fevers, witchcraft, epileptic fits, the evil eye, and lightening.

Walnut trees were once thought to be a safe heaven for witches and evil spirits do to its ability to protect against lightening. It was said that a witch was unable to move from her chair if a walnut was placed under it. If you fall asleep under a walnut tree you may have pleasant dreams of your future lover. But you may also never wake up again from such a nap. It was once thought that whipping a walnut tree would increase the quantity and quaility of the nuts.