I am begining to see more and more of the invisivle world and it is starting to feel pretty dangerous, I mean it ALWAYS felt dangerours but things are begining to get a bit more serious. Today I was sitting in class and I swear the room i was on turned into something...else, the room i once saw as a normal little class room became a bi torture chamber . There were long stone tables and naked people strapped to the tables, standing above them were tall dark figures, a different weapon in each hand, they would stap, rip, and mutilate the poor people. On the side there were knooses all lined in a row and on each knoose a poor human was hanging dead, some even children! All around me were horrifying screams from the poor souls. I am not sure what to make of all this but i must figure something out soon, I am certainly inlcuding this in my book thats for sure!