Sayachika glared at the beast in front of her. If there was one thing she had learned since moving to Ikebukuro, it was to stay away from Izaya and do the opposite of what he tells you to do. Today it appears that she is at an impasse. Izaya said that he knew a fun activity that she could do while Natsumi was busy with Shizuo. At first, she didn't care what the devil had to say, but when she heard the words, 'hot pocket convention', she just couldn't resist. Now, she was face to face with the leader of an old rival. Izaya had lied to her. She was stupid to believe him in the first place. Who would ever create a 'Hot Pocket Convention' other than her? No one.

"What are you doing back here, Yoneda? I thought you moved on to Ikebukuro," the beast asked hoarsely. The Beast, as Sayachika called him, was actually a pretty good looking guy, but his attitude was horrible. Any girl would fall for this guy and that had been his goal; to get every girl in his school to fall for him. Sayachika wasn't having any of that. She'd been surrounded by boys her whole life and didn't plan on having romantic feelings for any of them, past, present, or future. After all, she knew better than any girl what a guy is thinking. This put a hole in the Beast's plans. Ever since then, Beast has been out to get her.

"I did. An asshole of an info broker gave me bad directions. I'll just be heading home now." Before she could even take a step, Beast's men surrounded her. Some of them even pulled out knives. "Oh, now that's just not fair," Sayachika commented quietly.

"Like you ever fought fair," Beast growled.

"I did. Insults are a perfectly acceptable part of strategy. It's called mental warfare. Read some Sun Tzu for god's sake!"

"Mind f*cking someone is NOT acceptable!!!!" Sayachika stuck her tongue out childishly. "Little b*tch." Beast's words were followed by a guttural growl.

"You're right," Sayachika began sweetly. "Telling you about that pimple in the middle of your forehead and the black heads that were completely visible on your cheeks was wrong and I see that now. Look, you even have wrinkles from worrying about it so much," she finished with a polite smile.

"What?!" Beast turned to look in the closest object that resembled a mirror. His dyed blonde locks fell in front of his eyes for a second and Sayachika kicked him in the back of the head.

The guys that surrounded her earlier lunged toward her. I'm going to kill that bastard, she thought as she punched the first guy in the face. A second guy was right behind him and they both got knocked backwards. Guy number three grabbed her from behind. Judging from the grapple style grab he used, this guy had some training in some form of martial arts. Not that it mattered.

Sayachika bent her knees and leaned forward, easily catching the guy off balance. At the same time, the two from earlier were standing up. She had just enough time to straighten up and force grabby down to the ground with a back sweep of her foot. He let go as the air was forced out of his lungs and Sayachika rolled away from immediate danger. She tilted her head to the right and left, cracking it. Her fingers curled tightly, cracking as they did so. Things were about to get fierce.

Beast stood up and glared at Sayachika. She smiled back to make him even angrier. To the surprise of almost everyone involved, Beast smiled back. "That can't be good," Sayachika told herself. And it wasn't. Out of nowhere, two guys dropped down from the nearby buildings. Each landing on either side of the small brunette. They grabbed her arms and pinned her down. She had no leverage for a reversal or anything really. These guys were much stronger than her too. "Alright. What d'ya want from me? A heart felt apology?! I don't have any of those so-"

Beast took out a knife and Sayachika panicked a bit. "I have plenty of scars from knives too! I don't need more of those. C'mon!" Beast leaned toward her and she closed her eyes. She heard the knife strike the ground near head. She wasn't dead...or injured. Her eyes opened when the guys holding her down let her go. She sat up and looked at her reflection in a piece of glass. "...really? That's all you wanted."

"Yes," Beast said with a sigh of relief.

"You're a moron," she told him blandly.

"Hey, I'm beautiful, I don't have to be smart. Most women will do anything for me." With his final thoughts said, he - and his crew - left.

"That was just plain stupid..." Sayachika looked at her reflection again. "Now I have to waste money to get a hair cut." Yes. Beast had given her what he feared the most, a bad hair cut. Looks may not be Sayachika's number one priority, but she still needed to be somewhat presentable for most of her jobs.

~Later That Day~

Natsumi stared at Sayachika. "What the hell happened to your hair?"

"Some bastard gave me bad directions and I ended up in a fight. Some of my hair got chopped off and I had to go to a salon to fix it." Sayachika paused. "Does it look bad or something?"

"No. It's not bad. It's just different."

Sayachika laughed. Different is good. She liked different. "While I was there I figured a dye job might be fun. Just a little though. The job I have now doesn't dislike people who dye their hair, but you never know about the next place I work. They might not like it."

"Was the bastard who gave you bad directions Izaya?"

"Yes...I should really stop listening to him?"

"To who," Izaya said as he appeared out of nowhere. He does that sometimes.

"You," Sayachika growled.

Izaya looked down at her. "Somethings different about you...Did you get shorter," he asked seriously. Sayachika growled and tried to bite him. "Bad dog. Honey, I think we need to put the dog down. It's violent and bad mannered."

Natsumi opened her mouth to say something, but Sayachika spoke up first. "You're a real bastard Izaya! There was no hot pocket convention and I had to waste money on a hair cut!"

"You could have left it how it was," Izaya commented with a smile.

Sayachika gasped. "You were there you damn troll!! I'm gonna kill you!" Izaya smiled. How he loved to troll~

Natsumi grabbed Sayachika with a sigh and dragged her away. "Kill him some other time. We have to get to a Bloody Knifes meeting." Sayachika flipped Izaya off as she was dragged around a corner.

Izaya flipped open his phone and added information to it. 'Sayachika, secretly concerned about her looks' among other things were put in.

(Thus explains my new hair style)