She thought she was safe, hiding under that bridge. Of course nothing was ever that easy, so why would this be? She looked down at her ragged appearance; her clothes were torn, her shoes gone, and blood decorating her legs and arms. Her chest heaved heavily, the pants causing her flat chest to rise and fall rapidly, she was on the verge of hyperventilating. Her ragged breaths made puffs of white as they escaped her mouth and disappeared in to the frigid air under that cobblestone bridge. The place where she was sitting stank like stale water, the air so stagnant that if it wasn't for the cold, she would have heaved over and thrown up, the bank was so littered with animals that had died the night before from the storm, that it was impossible to see the snow and mud underneath all the bodies.
She heard the steps of it approaching, it wasn't the friend she used to know. No, this was something dark, something to be scared of, something that terrified her. Kind blue eyes and black hair were replaced by a ragged shadowy mane and glowing blood red eyes that gave off an eerie glow. Her best friend was no longer here.. especially since he had attacked her, tried to do the unthinkable. He was different now, she had always loved him, since she was little.. but never once had he tried what he had tried tonight. Never once had he made a move on her, but tonight he had forced himself on her. At the thought of it, tears gathered in her eyes, her panting becoming soft sobs that shook her small frame.
She heard the footsteps stop, she clamped a frozen and numb hand over her mouth, quieting her sobs and forcing herself to stop shaking. She heard that laugh, that laugh that used to be so sweet, that once made her smile every time she heard it, but was now twisted beyond recognition. The laugh causing her to freeze in her place before taking off and scurrying through the snow like a frightened mouse, behind her echoed the frightening laughter of her lost friend.