The world wasn't fit to be in peace it was more balanced others may have said. But this world & dimension, Faylyn, was built for peace until a cruel soulless king over took the thrown of our world. He ceased all creatures that could & would go against him. Angels were the first on his list because of their pure hearts no harm was going to make them let destruction ruin their world. Then he wanted to cease fairies, elves, any creature who seemed to have pure hearts. His cruel soul grew greedy over the years & he ceased other creatures & even humans for he was afraid of being controlled & took-en from his thrown.

It were said that the king was before a harmless person, but a dark & mysterious shadow over took his body. He fought for control but there was no way he was going to be rescued. The king turned cruel & soulless, he was no longer considered human. This is were the story leads up to; there are many creatures out there captured & in need of rescue. Humans are being used as slaves as so as some of the creatures. Some angels, fairies, & elves were turned into darkness know as shadow magicians. They come up with different plans of new destruction & use magic. Some of the vampires, werewolves, & trolls have magic spells casted on them by the shadow magicians. They are the ones who guard the castle; known as shadow knights.

Now you'll take a journey to a horrid battle ground between the King with his shadow magicians/knights & with the rest of the creatures who still live to fight for there peaceful world, what side are you on?

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1.No god-modding!
2. Cussing is allowed but please have control over it!
3. Romance is allowed but keep it PG-13, if your gonna do it do it somewhere else!
4. Take a hit, don't always block because it gets boring!
5. There's only 1 Shadow King, so firs come first serve!
6. You can be a mix race but don't make up your own race!
7. Shadow Magicians & Shadow Knights cannot be a mix race only the other fairy tale creatures!
8. Use brackets to talk outside of RP; ( ), [ ], & { }!
9. If the rules are not followed I'll give 1st warning, 2nd you'll be asked to leave, and 3rd you'll be reported!
10.If there's anymore rule changes I have to make I will!

Role: Shadow King, Shadow Magicians, Shadow Knights, Angels, Fairies, Elves, Vampires, Werewovles, Trolls, OR Mortal.
Weapon(Maximum; 2) AND/OR Ability: ((If your Elf, Troll, or Mortal then you really have no ability so a weapon choice would be better))
Extra Info: ((you don't need one))

[My Skelly]
Name: Rayne Conwell
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Angel/Mortal
Weapon(Maximum; 2) AND/OR Ability: Empathy; the ability to feel the emotions, thoughts, hopes, desires, and dreams of others. Rayne has the ability of altering people's emotions by physically touching them. She can control a myriad of sentiments, both positive and negative. She's capable of inducing happiness, joy, sympathy, anger, depression, sadness and fear. Rayne can also control the intensity of these emotions: for instance, the positive emotions she creates can range from a simple smile to extreme happiness. Rayne has the ability to persuade and manipulate others by altering their emotional state. She can even lead someone to suicide by evoking extreme depression. Recently, Rayne discovered a new aspect of her ability that allows her to feel the emotions contained in objects. She could feel the same emotions of some characters of a painting. The full extent of this aspect of her ability remains unclear because she contains part human DNA/GENES.
Weapon; Eternity Cross Wand. It has the power to atract lighting & she can aim it towards an enemy but she doesn't have full control her weapon. She drags it around because of it's heavy weight.
Appearance: http://i48.tinypic.com/24e83ut.jpg
Personality: Rayne is a very clumsy person which makes her weak. Other than being clumsy she is a like any normal person kind, quiet or loud.
Bio: Rayne was raised by a mortal which was her mother. She never did have any memory over her father or brother. Her brother went his ways when an argument caused them to spilt. Though Rayne's brother gave her the nickname Ray & for her father he went missing when he was fighting in the battle over the Shadow King.

After a few years Rayne's mother died when Rayne was just 10. Rayne lived alone by herself through the years of the battle. Rayne had to learn to survive on her in order to live. As so she did but the first few times were horrible because she would always tear up & give up. One day when Rayne was by the river bay a young women came up to her because she was alone. The young women asked if she had any parents. Rayne reply was no & the women said that she would be her guardian.

After Rayne was adopted by a kind young women she went back to learning on living & surviving. The women that she now called mother taught her if she wanted to live through a battle that she determined to enter that she had to learn on fighting. Everyday & every night she would practice fighting with wooden sword. On one horrid night Rayne was feeling pain through out her body making her collapse to the floor. As Rayne tried to fight the pain wings from her back started forming. That was the day she gotten her angel wings, after so she knew that she was an Angel. Rayne started getting weird sensing ability of emotions. She became an Empathy. On Rayne's 18 birthday she was gifted by an anonymous stranger, a Cross Wand which attracted lighting.
Extra Info: Rayne does not have full control over her powers & her weapon.