Name: Zylo, no last name
Nicknames: Zy, wolfy
Species: Lycantrope adept
Age: 24, physically 19
Religion: Formerly pagan, became atheist over time.
Title: None really, former Scorpio from a team.
Origin: Village of Garoh
Height: 5"8'
Weight: 139 lbs

Likes: Fighting and competing with others. Zylo is highly competitive, playful, and rather enjoys himself. He also likes freedom and wandering about, without being hindered. he often makes a friend or two, but his personality makes him too cocky.

Dislikes: weak people, sitting still for weeks at a time, 'gods' and all sorts of other deities. Also, hates being tied down to anything for too long.

history: Zylo was born to a small town in the middle of nowhere. Of course, the town was a bit secluded and very, very insular. one of the major points being that the town was populated almost solely by fox like creatures that possessed some different powers. The village adepts, as they were called, had a psionic power over different wind and electrical powers nearby. Each one had a different level of control and a huge variety of skills, though each ended up unique. Zylo wasn't considered highly special or unique, really, more of just more focused on the electrical side of his power scale.

On his tenth birthday, which is about the sixteenth in equivalent years to humans, Zylo was tested to be compatible with the villages greatest remaining weapon, a relic from an ancient war. It was a normal katana like blade, except for a special coloration along the blade. The temper line was a bright emerald green, a strange combination of natural metal deficiencies and latent magic from generations of users. The sword would only really let out its power on someone compatible with the blade, though by no means a chosen one. A compatible adept was a rarity in his tribe, due to a small pool of people to choose from, though world wide there were a few people that were fully useable with the blade. Due to a reaction he had with the blade, which drove his psionic powers out of control for a short period of time, a couple of other tribe members died. Thanks to this incident, he was deemed to be a hazard to his fellow members and was cast out. Not because he was too powerful or a special person, but basically for an accident as a child.

After leaving Garoh, Zylo discovered many parts of the world, including the occassional doorway to what appeared to be different worlds and planes of existence. Each one led him to discover more about himself, more ways to fight and more ways to control himself. Over time, he created his own fighting style by mixing parkour and martial arts, which took him a long while to create his powerful, rapid strikes mixed with incredible precision.
(Skimpy bio part, too lazy to type it all)

Parkour: Zylo is a master when it comes to movement, and has adapted a movement style similar to the French Parkour, simply known as the art of movement. By using the surroundings and his entire body as far as possible, Zylo can move in ways most people would never think of, and is never without an option for escape as long as there are buildings or trees nearby. As they say "The world is my playground."

Martial Arts: Due to his exile, Zylo had to learn on the fly any fighting styles he didn't know already. The majority of his learned combat from his home village was a style called Wind Dancing, which is a very fluid style that relies on the fighters senses of the area to continue attacking. The movement styles are much like Chinese Southern Wushu, though a bit more athletic and aggressive. Styles he picked up are often similar to Asian styles, like jiujitsu and aikido, and were mixed into his array of attacks. Due to his improvisational style, Zylo has created his own combat system that mixes his natural athleticism, his expanded senses, and different techniques to create his unnamed parkour art, involving every part of his body and all the agility he can muster to create an unending stream of attacks.

Kendo: Due to the style of his sword being a katana, and his village having created a very similar blade to the samurai sword, Zylo learned the arts of both Kendo and Iai-do. Kendo, the art of the sword, and Iai, the art of drawing, are powerful and rapid styles of combat that typically involve attempting to end the fight in a single blow. in both styles, Zylo would be considered a fifth degree blackbelt, due to how honed his combat reflexes are, and is capable of highly precise strikes and complex combat strategies. The sword, though this is not an easy task, can be used with his parkour fighting style to produce seemingly random, but focused, attack vectors.

Nature manipulation: Zylo is a psion by nature, though a very focused type. The evolution of his tribe caused them to develop mental abilities to manipulate the surrounding environment, notably wind and electrical power. Each adept in the village had a specialty and a type, with Zylo being a lightning projection specialist. The majority of his talent lies in the control of nearby negative charges, within a few hundred yards, that he can draw towards his body for a variety of uses. As a projection specialist, these charges are not often held on him and typically are fired or expended within less than a minute. Charges on the body can be used to speed up muscle contractions, override nerve signals, or to charge physical attacks. Fired charges can be used in a variety of shapes, most often simple lightning strikes that target an enemy. All ranged abilities, unless they are non-damaging, require Zylo to build up more and charge. Despite being a lightning specialist, Zylo is fully capable of using air manipulation to some degree. Typically, this takes place in the subconcious breeze that surrounds the fox whenever he gets excited, or in his nearly omnipresent sense of moving air particles near him. The senses are enhanced, allowing him to sense people moving at incredible speeds or blunt objects being swung at his person. Sensing air particles, though, is less effective on a blade due to lower displacement, and utterly ineffective on an arrow. Also, sensing a fast target helps Zylo to find them, but is only as useful as long as his body can keep up. other abilities exist for air manipulation, but are less used.

Planeswalking: Zylo is a planeswalker with a latent spark. He cannot change universes of his own accord, and is given no additional powers from having the potential to ascend aside from enhanced wandering. Due to this hidden quality in his soul, Zylo continues to wander from universe to universe, seemingly drawn towards temporary gateways between worlds. He is never aware of these doors on his own, and simply ends up walking into different worlds every couple of years.


Spiderweave clothing: Despite travelling fairly light, Zylo wears an outfit made of highly dense spiders web. By carefully harvesting webbing over a long period of time and weaving it into thread, clothing can be created of a material with a higher tensile strength than steel wire. Though tensile strength does not relate into durability, the compounded wire has created a great deal of durability, often enough to stop a bullet from piercing the flesh or help to distribute the force of a blunt object. All of his clothing is this expensive material, which constitutes his only true form of armor. Spiderweave, sadly, is mostly ineffectual against blades.

Kage-Ryu: A special sword that came from Zylo's home village, a relic from an ancient war. This katana appears mostly normal, only being a 26 inch long blade with a tsuba in the shape of a curled dragon. What stands out so much about this sword, though, is that the temper line along the edge is a bright emerald green. While in a standard form, which is the level that anyone can use, the blade has no special properties other than being a bit more durable than standard steel. When Zylo, or one of the somewhat unusual people that the blade is compatible with, wields it the sword releases it's highest power. The green coloration along the blade extends out into what almost appears to be flickering, emerald fire trailing off the edge and into the air. The energy, however, is not fire. This is a pure manifestation of nature energy, creating every element at once in perfect balance. The first level of this sword is that it creates those elements all at once, and touching the blade while using an element will cause a backlash to the wielder. As such, Zylo's active powers are restrained when Kage Ryu is in its released state. The only power that is useable is the air sense as it is a passive and uncharged power. The second ability inherent in this sword is the capacity to "kill things that don't die". Cuts done with a fully released Kage Ryu are just as dangerous to immortals and undead as they would be to standard living creatures. There is no additional cutting damage or power to the attacks, but it can kill anything and everything.

knife: Zylo carries a pair of backup knives, which are 9 inch long blades with a bit of a curve. They have no real special qualities other than being sharp and well taken care of.


Physical speed: Being a lithe built fox by nature, Zylo can run at a mid range sprinting speed for an olympic athlete. His main advantage, however, is acceleration. On any terrain where he can get a grip with his claws, the canine body build allows faster and more explosive startups, which can bring him nearly to full speed in far less time than a standard human. He is also highly adept at jumping, dodging, and weaving, which increases his movement range.

Reflexes: Built into his wind sensing abilities, as well as the speed base fighter he is, Zylo is very fast when it comes to seeing things. At close range, this manifests into quick and agile dodges against weapons. At a range, this may allow dodging of long range powers, or a bullet if he's aware of the gun beforehand. However, he is not capable of rapidly dodging things such as guns without taking cover.

Electrical resistance: Over time, Zylo's people evolved a variety of built in resistances to electricity. This only makes sense, as most all of the villagers have the capacity to draw in electrical energy. His resistance is roughly three times that of a normal person, and his fur is nearly impervious to burning. Heat still affects him, just the fur takes a LOT more to be removed.

Magnetic field vision: Zylo is capable, as most foxes in real life are, of seeing a planets magnetic field. This also allows him to see electrically charged objects or people for the use of tracking and range finding. Low charges, however, are drowned out by ambient electricity.


Endurance: Zylo's abilities often involve dodging and moving a lot more than taking hits, which is evidence by his foxi body. A fox isn't very strong, but is clever and fast compared to the strength of the wolf or tiger. As such, Zylo is not capable of standing up to repeated heavy hits. He is not a pushover, though, and not a one hit wonder. this simply means that, relative to his experience and strength, Zylo is not highly durable.

Water: Zylo's powers require him to pull charges onto his body and control them completely, which causes a problem with water. Pure water, without an ions in it, is a horrible conductor and actually more of an insulator. For a moment, Zylo will be incapable or drawing in the electrical charges needed to complete a lightning attack if coated in water. After a few moments, the water becomes filled with ions that come from the oils on Zylo's skin, and becomes a conductor. This is still not good, as conductive water makes the charges move in erratic and unfocused ways, so Zylo will lose control of the charge. Until Zylo becomes mostly dry, the electrical attacks can be stopped. This is opposed to the usual perception of water being weak to lightning, though Zylo has some clever physics work arounds.

Energy supply: Although zylo's powers do not revolve around stamina, his sword does. The flames that appear on kage-ryu are an indicator of how much power is left in his body. Blocking an energy attack, killing an immortal creature, and igniting the blade all require a certain degree of stamina and will wear him down over time. This is why the sword is often used as a last resort.

Physics: Zylo's abilities are related to actual science. For the most part, lightning is non-explosive. His body can only maintain charges up to half of the power of natural lightning, due to a natural resistance. Lightning does create heat, can break down chemical bonds, and does damage a users body. For example, using lightning to speed up his muscles will cause Zylo's lactic acid to build up fast and slow him down. He gains a short period of time each fight that he can enhance his muscles without hurting himself, though it is usually just one action. Chidori is impossible as that makes no sense in physics. Nerve damage, chemical breakdowns, and heat damage, however... Those are very possible.

Color blind: Zylo is a fox, thus color blind to red/green. Which is annoying, since he isn't normally aware of the color of his swords edge.