So, this evening my dad let me play his game of minecraft heavily modded with the Technic pack. I wanted to try out his mining laser.. First thing I do is to fire it in Scatter mode about 15 times in quick succession. Scatter basically knocks out 16 blocks in a spread out pattern and leaves them lying around on the floor. Doing it fifteen times in a row reduces the game to about 1 frame per second. The blocks on the floor decayed eventually, so the game was playable again after a while..

So, I went wandering around underground, blowing huge unsightly holes under the earth, punting valuable ores into the lava, all that sort of thing. Great fun, but the laser ran out of charge pretty quickly. I started mining myself a way up to the surface with a drill. Unfortunately I got distracted by a bit of gold ore. Normally this would be fine, but this PARTICULAR seam of ore was directly over a pool of sneaky lava! Serves me right for mining and running forward at the same time. Mining safety is important, kids.

Dad was holding a bunch of difficult to make items at the time, so I kinda freaked out. The mining laser would be bad enough by itself, but he was also holding two diamond tipped drills and a lappack, AND he was wearing a full set of nanoarmor. Nanoarmor is a real b***h to make. Take bunches of diamonds, and processing, and moving stuff around.. I don't even remember what all you need to do. Dad likes his armor. He even said specifically before he went to bed, "Don't fall in the lava. I wouldn't be pleased if you lost my nanoarmor."

Dad doesn't get angry about this sort of thing, but he would be very sad. He'd try to be all, Oh, it's okay, stuff happens. But he'd be SAD. I was considering whether I could make a set of nanoarmor and a laser before he woke up in the morning so he wouldn't be sad at me.

FORTUNATELY! The Technic mod pack includes a mod called Not Enough Items, which has a Cheat Mode that lets you grab whatever items you like out of nowhere. I don't use it for normal gameplay 'cause that'd ruin the entire point of Technic, but it seemed like a good time to quietly cheat in the armor, laser, drills, and lappack and call it good.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find where I had started from, so I left dad somewhere in the middle of the wilderness. He'll figure it out.