So you broke your phone.
So it won't be fixed in a week.
So its not your fault its broken.
There are other ways to talk to your girlfriend though.
Other than ignoring her.

So you don't have msn on your computer, you could download it, or you could even you know Skype with me.
But I guess that would take time out of your busy League schedule.

I'm irritated to the max at you.
You're making me out to be an afterthought.
And you made such a big deal about me going to study abroad, and how you'd miss me.
And now that we can't talk for a week you've barely been around.

You don't remember what I said do you?
You don't remember that promise I made to you, that if you continued to ignore me for games?
I remember though.
No I wouldn't forget something like that.

I should just avoid you the way you're avoiding me and just do my own s**t till you get your phone back.
Maybe even then I'll treat you the way you've been treating me?
Maybe that'd get the message across?

I guess your phone breaking was a sign that you could play video games all the time and barely talk to your girlfriend.
Well good for you, I bet you're having a great ******** time.
You just continue having a great ******** time.