Disorder, probably with anxiety. The anxiety, the support of what causes it or support for those with the diagnostic criteria?

These threads are not for the support of the actual person. It's not for the support of the anxiety caused from the people who constantly speak of it, but for those who were diagnosed with the disorder. Sound confusing? Well, it's not. You see, I have a botched diagnostic criteria of either having a bipolar disorder or a split personality disorder. Since I wasn't legitimately told which is which, who the ******** is the support thread for? Do I say that I think I have a split personality disorder, only to be told to ******** off because it was never actually disclosed?

What I see is a safe haven for those who have actually had either the time, patience, money, know-how or a combination of all of the above in order to actually get the diagnosis done. If there's a person exhibiting the same behavior, but isn't properly diagnosed by a ********, then the support thread isn't actually for them.

How does a person with an anxiety disorder actually get diagnosed as having an anxiety disorder? It's not a question of diagnostic capability, it's a question as to how this person actually got to the hospital. I've gone through panic attacks and a variety of other personality-challenged criteria just trying to go through the front door of the hospital. Tell me, how the ******** did you go? How did you actually get there? I'll tell you right now, the only way I'd be capable of being diagnosed for anything is if I were to stab someone first in order to actually be taken into the hospital. I hate you; I don't trust you; I've had it with thinking these people are here to help me.

It brings me to another dilemma; the prison population has a much higher percentage of those diagnosed than the general population. You know why that is? It's because I refuse to go to the hospital of my own free will, because I will feel tortured just getting there, and in all honesty, smashing the windows on my first run was how I got the original, botched diagnosis. How do you think I got diagnosed in the first place? It wasn't because I legitimately chose to go there, and in the emotional setting I was in after being punched numerous times in the face before I got there, that was the only reason there even was a diagnosis. How'd you get there? Parents took ya? You never had to sign a single document because you were claimed as "dependent" when they signed the forms? They practically dragged your a** to the car? Mine never did that, because it would take brute force to take me there, and I'm extremely violent. That's why the prison population has such a higher diagnosis than everyone else; by the time they got their diagnosis in the prison, it was already too late.

Who knows; maybe I actually do have autism. Maybe the split personality disorder really is there, but will you support my disorder, or will you once again scream at me for refusing to work under any circumstances in this ******** society, just like all the rest? Continuing to damage me again; further infuriating me to a point of no return. How about refusing to acknowledge my sexuality or my "woman in a man's body" mentality?

I was already tormented far too many times in this life to think that an "Anxiety Disorder Support Thread" is actually there to support me.