Hey.. i don't know. Thought i would just post entry after survivng 2012 to indicate i'm still alive. So this is what i have for you. A meaning-less entry, or really? I'm going to post something later today maybe. So i'm just gonna Edit it on this. So stay tune

7:09 EST Saturday 1/5/13

Whoops... Forgot to type this.
If only i remembered wha i wanted to make entry about..

Oh about my room. So lately my parents have been practicly kicking me out of the house several times just because i wouldn't clean my room.
"Well man why wouldn't you clean your room?"
It's not much of a will of choice for me. Example...
It's like telling a monkey to throw out a bannana into the garbage. It's not in his nature.
"Well dude your human being how the da fudge does that have anything to do with you not cleaning your room?"
It doesn't.

Anyway it's more of psyclogical issue, as confusing it could be. One of those type of things that you didn't know but it's actaully there. Any therapist would say the same thing i'm about to say why i don't clean my room. Well maybe!!!! Now i'm just jumping around the place.

The reason why i think i don't clean my room is becuase of fear.
"Well man it's not like you have a Japanesse tentacle monster in your closet."

everytime when someone were to clean their room, they would find certain things which have meanings to. Photos, letters, toys, posters, etc My room is filled with that. Happy memmories which are really hard to believe i ever had. Cause i'm a depressing person, too see any of these things would piss me off, hurt, sad, cry, crazy, repeat. I rather not relive the past.
So that's my personal Excuse..
i wouldn't tell the family this cuz, it'll defiently end with me just walking out ( by choice ) to never return. :/

One of these days i gotta post entry about my family and how much i hate them with a passion. I especailly hate those lectures about
"Oh it's your family you shouldn't ha-" f*ck off would be my response if you wouldn't let me explain.

( If my parents were to kick me out of the house? My School, college, or anything in the means of having a successful life would be thrown out.
So they might as well put a bullet to my brain. My average is at 90% for now...
mom " Do you know why i would do it? "
Me "..."
mom " Because your my son and i love you, i would kick you out of the house cause i love you"
Me "So seeing my name on the news, being reported Dead behind a alley way Naked, Is your way of saying you love me,thanks mom just made me realize i'm not the only one who needs to see therapist."
12:14 monday 1/7/13