~Kai~ -January 1st, 2013- *Cold and snowing* (In the mountains)

Kai stands in his bathroom and looks at his naked self in the mirror, just looking, he gets distracted as he dried himself off from the shower. First he starts with his physical appearance, he looks wet and tired, he wonders if he was of average height, then he wondered if his d**k was average. Then he starts to look farther, looking back up into his own eyes and flicking past memories and going into his own head, searching for his death, and as usual, finds nothing. Sighing, he grabs a towel and makes his way to the closet, grabbing some loose-fitting grey sweat pants and a black T-shirt, going to the book shelf, he picks out a random book and sits down in an armchair near the bed, not really reading. He begins to think about the blonde cashier that checked him out at the store before he went on vacation. He'd seen how she was going die.

She scouts the alcohol at the party, sticking two bottles of beer in each of her cargo pants pockets, she leaves the party, walking down the lawn to the road, drunken and stumbling around, someone yells her name, but she's too drunk to listen, and like clockwork, she steps in front of a moving car and is thrown ten feet. She is knocked unconscious and the bottles in her pockets sever an artery, she bleeds out.

Looking back, Kai remembers her name now, Linda. Kai looks down and notices his full on erection, he leans back and puts the book over his face, ashamed.

~Lyosha~ -January 1st, 2013- *Cold and snowing* (In the mountains)

The main thing pissing Lyosha off was that it was cold. Not that he'd have preferred heat. In general cooler weather was more pleasant on his feathers and skin, but he'd expected Kai to go somewhere warm on his Christmas holidays and had dressed appropriately. Hawaiian shirt, thin dark blue silk pants, sandles... In hindsight, probably should've checked the temperature of where he was going before hand.

Knock, avoid his eyes, pounce the b*****d, ring him, go HOME where it's warm, train the poor fool... or break him if he irritates me.

Tucking his long, dark and sodden hair back behind his ears, he checked the address where his new 'assistant' was waiting against the one of the building infront of him. They matched. Right. Time to get this over with.

~Kai~ -January 1st, 2013- *Cold and snowing* (In the mountains)

Kai gets up and goes to the refrigerator, grabbing a cold bottle, he presses it to his groin. "Ahhhhhhhhh, coooooooold......" Kai steps back and opens the bottle of water, taking a drink. It was very cold, he loved it, being alone and away from the police station was nice. He sits by the window and watches the snow fall, feeling sorry for whatever poor b*****d was out in this weather. Getting up and moving away, he looks down at his suitcase, noticing the gun, perhaps today would be a good day. Kai picks the gun up and looks at it, not going to do this unless he thought long and hard about it first.

~Lyosha~ -January 1st, 2013- *Cold and snowing* (In the mountains)

Lyosha knocks on the door, going over how the course of events would work in his head, the ring ready in his left hand. A few moments later when the door hadn't been answered he knocked again. Then again.

Damnit really? b*****d can't even be bothered opening the door?! Well, ******** him. I don't need doors, it's just more polite that way.

Already thin patience worn out and quite a good mood worked up ready to take out on someone, Lyosha takes the fastest route to the nearest unfortunate sod. That is, charging straight through the wall next to the door.

~Breaking~ -January 1st, 2013- *Annoyed and moody* (In the Palace, on her thrown)

Breaking taps her thrown, Lyosha, get the job done. Her tone is less than a happy one, as she sends the message to him.

~Kai~ -January 1st, 2013- *Cold and snowing* (In the mountains)

Kai lets out a long breath and gets up, hearing a distant knocking, suicide would have to wait. He gets up and goes to the door, waiting a couple seconds before opening it, he closes his eyes, not really watching where he's going, he lifts his shirt and scratches his chest. Opening his eyes, he blinks twice at the man in his living room, pulling out his gun, pointing it straight at him. "On the ground." Kai tries to make eye contact with the man, wanting to read his death, the man gave off a unnatural feel.

~Lyosha~ -January 1st, 2013- *Cold and snowing* (In the mountains)

Lyosha growls at the slacker before him, eyes focusing mainly on the gun pointed in his general direction. Of course, when better for a text to arrive? Lyosha, get the job done sets off the vibrate text alert from his ring, setting him off. Starting with pouncing Kai, he smacks the gun aside followed by Kai's head into the ground for good measure. 'Lightly' punching the fool's throat makes it easy to grab one of his hands and slip on the new ring. "DONE! ...b*****d."

~Kai~ -January 1st, 2013- *Cold and snowing* (In the mountains)

Kai's mostly shocked at the fact that this man was so fast, Kai was not a slow man, or one lacking intelligence, so this was shocking to him. His gun flies to the wall and his head connects with the hard wooden floors, the 'light' punch making him gasp and choke. Captain Niels goes limp as soon as the ring is put on his finger, his body frozen, though his eyes are still completely open.

~Breaking~ -January 1st, 2013- *Warm* (In the Palace, on her thrown)

Breaking shivers in pleasure when she feels Kai on her line, Portal with him, he's in a dream state, you have exactly thirty seconds before I do it myself. Breaking smiles at her daughter, Ceth, and waits for them to show up infront of her thrown, which was more like a stage with a stone couch sitting on it. Her husband, Josuja, sits next to her, doing his best to have some connection with her, his leg touching her. I will rip those horns off of your head. She thinks angrily, and accidentally sends it to Lyosha.

~Kai~ -January 1st, 2013- *Cold and snowing* (In the mountains)

...She slips down the hallway, not particularly beautiful by standards other than my own, she tracks blood and smells like death. The man who follows after her as himself and as a shadow, they find my bed against the wall with the sheets stapled to my neck, not covering a thing. As they both move their hands down my body, they seem to say words that aren't there 'Should we wake him?' 'No, just wait, he'll wake and find it himself' They look at each other and laugh, slipping away down the dirty halls once again, this time he smells of blood and tracks death, and the woman is connected to his navy jacket as though she was sewn there. I scream as hard as I can for them to come back and finish what they've started, but they are gone and I am alone, ripping the sheets from my neck as I feel the lake water seep from my body...

~Lyosha~ -January 1st, 2013- *Cold and snowing* (In the mountains)

Lyosha takes a moment for himself, checking his messages now he'd taken out most of his bad mood. Just a small feeling of glee as he 'read' the last, clearly sent to the wrong person if meant to be sent at all. Still, a reminder of Josuja was also a reminder of his plans, many of which needed to be acted upon soon. Speaking of which, might as well message Ceth like the good 'uncle' he was. He'd been priming that one for years. Hey Ceth, come see me sometime you can slip away from your parents again, I have a late birthday gift for you. Still, best make it back before irritating the Lady. Lyosha stands, grabs the dreaming Kai and portals back exactly infront of the throne. "Mission accomplished, m'lady." He says with a slight bow to Breaking.

~Ceth~ -January 1st, 2013- *Warm* (In the Palace)

Ceth listens to her message and nods to herself, Yes, sir. Ceth was very careful but she could not deny that she did infact trust Lyosha. Ceth is known to be much like her mother, she is very temperamental and dangerous. But without the sexual experience her mother had, which perhaps made her less powerful, that and not being a god. Just a fire dragon girl.

~Breaking~ -January 1st, 2013- *Warm* (In the Palace)

Breaking gives Lyosha a small smile out of the corner of her mouth, and nods over to the other side of the thrown, where he sits, beside Josuja. Bowing... How she missed the days when she first arrived, May of 1789, those few first years were the best, besides a blossoming relationship with Lyosha at the time, she had gotten to watch Marie Antoinette and Louie XVI executed. Bowing was popular back then, people so much more courteous, and violent. Now Breaking seldom left the palace at all. Breaking raises from her thrown, dressed in red and black, her bustier and flowing skirt (that really only covered the back, giving you a full view of her legs in the front), the very revealing clothing shows her tribal tattoos that wrap around her body, an occasional piercing every once and awhile. She motions for two of the werewolves, Richard and Albert, to take Kai from Lyosha. Breaking summons Kai's papers and looks at them, standing five or so feet away from Kai, she snaps her fingers and watches Kai's pretty blues open and look into her own deep red eyes.

~Kai~ -January 1st, 2013- *Rather hot* (In a strange place)

Kai wakes up and slowly opens his eyes, only to be sucked into a death.
*a few seconds later*
Kai looks at Breaking with a wide eyed tired look, the effects of his reading not the normal one, he tries to move forward and is pulled back by the wolves, who let out a grunt as the man turns out to be stronger than he looks. I will do anything for you. Kai thinks and sends to the whole palace, earning a laugh from most of them, his Russian accent strong. The whole palace knew of his arrival, and most were excited.


Breaking smiles and then looks closer at the man, her look seeming to be very unsure of herself all of a sudden, very out of character. She lets out a deep breath and looks at the paper, "Kaisha Niels, I've always been curious, how will I die?"


Kai looks at his werewolf captures and back at the woman, wanting to be let go, but knowing that only a fool would ask to be. He looks her straight in the eye and shakes his head. "You don't." He looks behind her to the people on the thrown, three of them. A beautiful red-haired teen, a huge blonde man with... horns..., and the man who punched him in the throat. b*****d. Kai wants to taze the s**t out of him.

~Lyosha~ -January 1st, 2013- *Warming up* (In the Palace)

Sending a quick Good girl to Ceth via ring to show message received, Lyosha sat on the couch to watch the show. Unfortunately everything else he had planned to do today would have to wait until Breaking was done freaking out about whether she died or not, though some groundwork could still be laid. A quick I'm back to his favourites with some extra instructions to Simmer regarding various experiments, then Awwww, isn't that nice? You don't die. Ever. Now you can finally relax a little... to Breaking. All that done, nothing left to do but look bored and wait while avoiding eye contact with Kai.

~Kai and Breaking~

Breaking motions for the guards to let Kai go, she could handle him, she could handle everyone in the room at once, for that matter. Breaking mentally rolls her eyes at Lyosha, Don't be so close-minded. I'm not the one avoiding death. "Your name is Kaisha Louie Niels?" Kai nods, cracking his neck, Breaking goes into different things, verifying Kai's stats, telling him how Lyosha now owned him, all the while trying not to look at him again, and it wasn't his eyes she was trying not to look at. Kai just stands there silently without talking, starring at her. They finish and Breaking turns around, looking at Lyosha, "Show him his room for when he stays, explain his schedule and do not skip out on any of it. It's getting late, show him everything else tomorrow." She drifts off in her mind and vanishes, perhaps Ems would calm her. Josuja and Ceth look at each other and get up, leaving Kai and Lyosha to the talk, or fight. Ceth bows her head in respect and leaves. This was Lyosha's Christmas present, hope he liked it. Kai looks around and looks for an escape route.

~Lyosha~ -January 1st, 2013- *Warm now* (Still in the Palace)

Lyosha waits until left alone with Kai before releasing a pent up growl. "There's a difference between avoiding death and seeking life, though I doubt she'll ever understand that... Right! Congratulations Kai, you're now my very own personal pet to both our misfortunes. Just don't cause any trouble I haven't asked you to cause and we'll get on just fine. Now, follow me or she'll have both our hides." He says loud and clearly so Kai can here before getting up and starting to walk to Kai's room. As he passes he says "Don't think about escaping either, there's literally no way out unless you're a higher class demon, which I doubt."

Still, not incapable of multitasking, he sends a follow up message to Simmer. Check if subject 34001c is still alive, if he is, kill him. If he was alive, bring the serum called 'Ferrite' to my room ASAP and put it on my desk... Oh, and a small bottle of Ovielixor. Everything goes right tonight and I'll owe you a drink.

~Kai~ -January 1st, 2013- *Burning up* (Palace)

Kai stays still, sighing, "How I always wanted to be a misfortune to someone." Kai would love her to have his hide, he'd almost have any excuse to see her again, one does not get a death dream like that, twice in a lifetime. Kai looks at the ring on his finger and to Lyosha, walking the other way, the way Breaking went. "You don't know what I am." He says and runs his hands through his now tangled long blonde hair, if Lyosha wanted him to go with him, he'd have to make him, or give him a offer. Kai begins to braid his hair, looking around at the palace, so much red, so many tunnels.

~Simmer~ -January 1st, 2013- * Indifferent* (Palace Laboratory)

Simmer slowly sets the explosive vial down in the holder, not going to multitask with something of this caliber. Yes sir, subject 34001c will be put to death immediately. He walks to the furnace and prepares it for use. Simmer looks through the lab, carefully packing up what the boss wanted. Should have it to you no later than thirty minutes, sir.

~Lyosha~ -January 1st, 2013- *Warm* (Still in the Palace)

Lyosha pauses at the door, noticing Kai wasn't following. "That was a mistake..." Walking quickly back, a fast punch to the stomach then a firm grip on Kai's hair fixed that problem. Somehow keeping his quick pace despite dragging Kai behind him (by the hair), he walks to Kai's room then throws him in.
"This is your room, the naked and nuts imp in your bed will be your assistant and guide, Hirschl. You will rest here, then in the morning he'll give you the guided tour before leading you to my office. Normally weekdays you'll come to my office at 10am sharp, weekends you'll have off unless I have something planned. If you're still acting like a stubborn brat or have pissed me off, I do have a dungeon Breaking doesn't care about where you'll be spending your time. Up to you, cya later." After that small speach, he closes the door and locks Kai in. "That one's not nearly obedient enough... yet." He sighs, then begins the walk to his own room.

~Kai~ -January 1st, 2013- *Warm* (Still in the Palace)

Kai gasps and feels himself fall back and starts to kick and scream like any other person would. Kai gets thrown in and immediately gets up, rubbing the spots where he hurt, not quite teary eyed, but close. His eyes widen as he looks at the little waving person in his bed. "No." Putting his hands up to the little creepy thing, not wanting to be attacked. Looking at Lyosha, he shakes his head, "Please don't..." He starts to move towards the door before it closes in his face. Grabbing the handle, it's locked, he puts his head against the door and looks at the little alien thing.

MEANWHILE ~Breaking~ (Who gives a s**t)

Breaking smiles, having had her happy time, she wizzes through the hall on a segway, wearing her Gandolf wizard's hat as she goes 12.5 miles per hour. She had just heard from Skelly that he had 'The Hobbit' ready for a private viewing. Going by Lyosha, she gives him a two fingered wave, struggling not to do the 'Live long and prosper' signal.

~Lyosha~ -January 1st, 2013- *Slightly excited* (Hallway)

Lyosha watches Breaking pass wearing her wizards hat and waving two fingered, then gives her the 'Live long and prosper' signal back as he couldn't see her blurred wave properly. To: Self, sometimes it's best not to ask he thinks as he finally reaches his room. Sliding in he leaves the door slightly open, takes off his shirt and tosses it somewhere, giving his damp wings a stretch. "Ahhh... damn they ache when cold." He mutters to himself. Picking up his latest book from the library, ('How to kill foes and manipulate people' by L. Loki), he carefully takes a seat on the bed next to the small wrapped gift box resting on it and begins the wait for his favourite cyborg, with possibly his 'niece' to follow.

~Simmer~ -January 1st, 2013- *Perhaps needing oiled* (Lyosha's room)

Simmer travels down the hallway and barely gets a sneak peak of Thomas and a blonde man (that he suspected to be Kai), and shakes his head, they seemed to be heading to the library. He carefully opens Lyosha's door and enters. Bowing to Lyosha, he sets the package on his desk. "Sir, firstly, good day. Secondly, I believe your new slave is loose." Simmer accesses his memory and projects it onto the screen on his arm, showing Lyosha how Kai and Thomas were running around. "Perhaps, we should stop them before Thomas eats Oughden and Nicoll, but that is completely and utterly your call, sir." He takes his arm away, putting the screen down.

~Thomas~ -January 1st, 2013- *Bored* (Hallway)

Thomas is a cat. Thomas likes mice, and bunnies... Spiders! OOOOOOoooo, Thomas likes doornobs. His claws working as a lock pick. Thomas walks to Kai's doorway and opens it, maybe just wanting to see the new guy, not like you would ever know, Thomas couldn't talk. Thomas looks straight into the eyes of Kai and watches Kai's face turn sad. No, not good, make him happy, mother likes happy. Thomas grabs Kai in a bear hug and rubs on him, trying to make him happy. Letting go, he follows Kai, sensing an adventure.

~Kai~ -January 1st, 2013- *SO HAPPY* (Hallway/Library)

Kai jumps at the door opening, his t-shirt now ripped, the little Imp humping at his leg, "Permission to enter sir?!" Hirchl says with a gremlin-like laugh. "PERMISSION NOT GRANTED!!!" Kai says and grabs him by one of his many mohawk spikes, throwing him towards the bed as he runs towards the door. Shutting it behind him, trying to breathe, feeling very violated. He turns to thank the person who got him out of hell, and notices huge orange cat eyes right in his face. The first death he saw was that of an infant, no more than a few weeks old, being thrown against the wall by a man Kai could only assume wasn't the child's father. The next death was of this cat-man, defending Breaking, as a man with spikes protruding from his head tried to attack her. He grabs the cat man and breaks his neck. Not before getting deep gashes on his face from the cat man's claws, just adding to the scars already on his face, the man doesn't even flinch. But this doesn't happen for a few years still. Kai frowns, mad at himself for being slightly erect, yelping as the cat man gives him a hug, not making the problem in his pants any easier. "Gah!" He pets the man and steps back, putting his hands out, he could sense that this thing didn't have any more thoughts than that of a small child. "Stay..." Putting his hands up, he thinks Cat man has stayed. Wandering through the multiple halls, he ends up in the library. He stops and looks around, noticing that the cat man didn't stay. Rows upon rows of books... If, and he does mean if, Kai stays, this will be where he is.

~Oughden~ -January 1st, 2013- *Not so happy* (Library)

Oughden and Nicoll seemingly appear out of nowhere, Oughden wielding his walker, Nicoll wielding a ladder for climbing to get books. "OUT OF HERE YOU HELL BEAST!!!" Oughden screams after Thomas, not acknowledging Kai yet. Thomas hisses and runs for them, they both hold up a pretty good battle wall, Nicoll screaming for his life, Oughden hits Thomas's head and Thomas goes flying into a bookcase, effectively peeing on it before running out of the door. Oughden sighs and sets his walker down, looking at Kai, "and that's how you get rid of a hell beast." He says and motions Kai over to the Chess table, not really knowing or really caring who he was, he stopped remembering who have the people in this Palace were, some time ago. He looks back at Nicoll who is still standing and waiting for Thomas to come back. "Nicoll, clean up that mess that the hell beast made, and do it right." Oughden puts his pieces on the board and looks at Kai, "Your move." Nobody in their right mind would disturb Oughden's chess game, if they ever wanted to read a book again. Nicoll whines in the back as cleans Thomas's mess, throwing away some of the more soaked books. "A way out? There is no way out of a Labyrinth." He listens to Nicoll's whining and rolls his eyes, “When I was your age, we had to walk five miles to school, up hills both ways, in the snow/rain, while we fought off velociraptors. And for lunch, we had to walk another three miles, then swim two. after we got there, we only had five minutes to eat rocks then we had to start off again to make it back in time. If you think cleaning is hard, whine to someone else."

~Kai~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Should have had more of an explanation to this palace* (Library)

Kai stands against a wall, not wanting to get in the middle of whatever feud was going on, he watches his savior run out the door and looks to the old bunny-man, sitting where he was told, kinda creeped out by the spider man. "I.... I was wondering if you knew how to get out of the Palace?" He says, beginning to set up his pieces, he keeps his guard up, not wanting to really read this man's death. Kai smiles and lets out a small needed laugh at Oughden, moving his first piece.

~Lyosha~ -January 1st, 2013- *Mildly amused* (His room)

Lyosha watches the small snippet of footage on Simmer's arm, then laughs. "Oughden and Nicoll can look after themselves, this won't be the first time the cat's tried pouncing them. Never ends well for him." Still smiling he stands and retrieves the package from the desk, opening it as he perches once again on his bed. "Thank you for bringing these, Simmers. A small explanation of Ferrite for future reference is perhaps required." He holds up a moderately large syringe with 'Ferrite' on a label across it in large letters. "This latest creation of my genius increases the efficiency of the reproductive system it's injected into. Unfortunately, the only one it works with without lethal side effects is a man's balls, but that's fine for what I have intended." Lyosha explains, undoing his pants and sliding them off, revealing a hefty third leg and a pair of golf ball sized testies. Prepping the needle, with a wince, the substance is injected half into each ball. "End effects are an increase in ball size by 40%, c** production by 400%, c** thickness by 25% and for some reason the c** tastes sweeter. This naturally increases fertility chance and is a permanent change." He explains in a monotone, face not nearly as calm as his voice as his gonads go through an agonizing change, ending up the size of clenched fists after his talk is done. "It should be noted, that I didn't realize how much this would hurt. One moment please." Lyosha grabs a pillow, presses it against his face to muffle sound and gives a long muted scream of agony. About five minutes later, he puts the pillow aside, then looks to Simmers. "Right. Now, I believe I promised you a drink..." He says, motioning the cyborg to kneel.

~Simmer~ -January 1st, 2013- *Perhaps needing/getting oiled* (Lyosha's room)

Simmer looks at Lyosha's doings and studies them, mentally writing it down. It really was genius, but perhaps needed to be put into a less painful usage. He almost asks if he would like him to do this, because this was almost enough to make himself flinch. Getting on his knees, he barely touches Lyosha's huge balls, wondering what every sensation felt like, if they hurt. "If I may ask, why will you be needing this?" He licks up Lyosha's c**k, thinking of the sterile Breaking, wondering if this was for her. If they were back together. Deep-throating his c**k, he gradually gets faster, wondering if the door was locked. Simmer places his hands on the side of Lyosha's thighs for mobility, the ring growing colder, sucking hard, without any gagging, knowing that Lyosha didn't like that.

~Kai/Oughden~ -January 1st, 2013- *Confused* (Library)

Kai blinks looking at this Rabbit elder with a blank stare, feeling himself getting woozy. "A labyrinth?" He covers his face with his hands, thinking about Breaking's death, the cold metal of the ring seemingly burning his face, the coldness of it. If Kai didn't know better, he would have not believed this place, but thinking back into his life, he sees the signs of the realness, the dreams about the winged b*****d and Breaking that have plagued his mind. They belong together... Kai thinks, not sure if he meant those two, or the three of them. The old man finishes his move and Kai makes his, making the old man growl in a certain way. "These rings? What are they made of?"
Oughden: "Breaking's flesh and some unnatural gold, could be used to communicate with other flesh-wearers, or control them, if needed. Can contact the conscious mind, and in some cases the unconscious-mind. We've all been forced to memorize that."
Kai looks at his ring and begin to think of Lyosha, feeling him connect on the line, then he pushes farther, not difficult for him because he's been doing it his whole life. Navigating through this line was easy, staying inside was hard, and hurt, for both parties. Eyes were the normal passage he needed to do this, the ring would do. He begins to access Lyosha's death, getting bits and pieces of images. It was harder to read these creatures.

~Lyosha~ -January 1st, 2013- *Aroused* (His room)

Lyosha strokes Simmer's hair, watching the cyborg pleasure him as he explains. "Quite simple really, there are things all the gods have and this will help me get started on being their equal. A first step in the right direction, if you will. It will be quite awhile until the step is taken that this comes into play, but there's no reason not to use and enjoy this now." After explaining the feeling of a connection being made came through his ring. Ah, found out about your ring, good. Still, curious little fools should learn their inferiority. He sent Kai, carefully blocking him out of anything else he could learn, see, feel or experience... then flooding him with the full sensation of what Simmers was doing.

~Simmer~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Perhaps needing/getting oiled* (Lyosha's room)

Simmer pulls back and licks the tip of Lyosha's d**k, "Aha, brilliant." He says, completely focused on pleasing him, his hot breath on Lyosha's c**k, he begins to deep-throat his c**k again, going even faster. One of the hands on Lyosha's thigh moves to his d**k, holding him in place, giving him more leverage.

~Breaking and Josuja~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Happy* (Walking out of the theater)

Breaking slips out of the theater, humming 'Moonlight Sonata' as she walks down the hall, her wizard's hat underneath her arm. She wishes that the movie was longer, that she could be in the movie, that the trolls were very unrealistic to actual trolls. Hearing far off footsteps, she turns and finds that its her husband. "Josuja?" Looking at his tail, swishing about, she notices that he's not much of a man. Breaking had once considered herself someone that could be with anyone, she had learned better. "Why are you awake?" Breaking looks at her pocket watch, it was midnight, officially the second day of the year. She sends a message to everyone in the palace, It's late. Wrap it up and go to bed. Needing only about an hour a day of sleep, these rules did not apply to herself, she preferred everyone safe and on lock-down.

Josuja looks at Breaking and his tail moves back and forth, she made him nervous, more than ten years together, and she still made him nervous. "Breaking." He fiddles with the envelope in his hand, not knowing what it said, knowing that he would never know what it said. This relationship had made his already weak mind a little bit more crazy, he wonders if Breaking knows about his recent misdoings, he was going to be in so much trouble. Josuja had no idea how he'd punctured the barrier of Breaking's room, let alone how he saw the deer girl. "I have a letter from Siddoway and Carnic." He says and hands it to her, careful not to look her in the eye. Gods scared him, he had one as a parent, and that was enough to know that they were mighty and powerful. His muscles and brawn meant nothing to them.

Breaking takes the letter and nods her head, "Thank you." She puts her hand on his chest, giving him a light pat, "Tell Ceth I would like to see her when she wakes." Turning around, and walking away from him, knowing he'll go straight back to bed, as whipped as he was. Making her way down the halls, she opens the letter.

Dear Breaking Nothingness,
We regret to inform you that we cannot send you the troops you have requested at this time-

At this point, Breaking doesn't even read the rest, just sends it to Lyosha, the paper appearing on his desk. She had become a master at ignoring him, not wanting to have a chemical reaction between the two of them. Breaking punches the wall, making it shake from strain, angry. Her wizard hat drops on the ground and she starts walking off, not noticing.

Josuja nods and closes his eyes at her touch, he turns around and walks back to his room, nodding to himself, yes, he would talk to Ceth for her. Josuja goes to bed.

~Kai~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Aroused* (Hallway)

Kai looks at Oughden's move and feels a foreign experience happening to himself, trying not to make a sound, he gets up and leaves the library, probably making Oughden's black list, if he could remember him at all. Kai gets into the hall and blocks the experience, looking down at his newly aroused self. Kai lets out a deep breath and thinks of Sandra Ray, his annoying assistant, and the problem was gone. Walking down the hall he notices a wizards hat on the ground, picking it up and looking around for a person who could have dropped it. Seeing Breaking off in the distance, he yells for her, not knowing who it was from this far away.

~Breaking~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Pissed and worried* (storming the halls)

Breaking stops in her tracks and looks behind herself once again, this time seeing Kai. Does nobody read my messages... She thinks and walks towards him, reaching her hand out, and taking it from him. Thinking that he looked like an old friend...

~Ceth~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Calm* (Walking the halls)

Ceth fiddles with the door to her room, opening it and stepping outside, into the hall, she yawns and reads the message, not really caring. Sending a message to Lyosha, Could I come and get my present now? She thinks and begins to walk that way, wondering what it was.

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Enjoying himself* (His room)

Lyosha shudders happily, playing with Simmer's hair as his pleasure builds. "Glad you think so. I'm going to need your help, as always, my loyal friend..." He says, slight twinges of pain ignored from his gonads as they kick into gear, building up more and more ammo for release. Perfect timing for a message from Ceth to arrive, obviously. Of course you can, Ceth. The door's unlocked though you may want to knock before entering. I'm a tad busy but should be finished more or less when you get here. He replied, a small amount of pleasure unintentionally going along with. Grabbing Simmer's head, he slowly the cyborg down a bit. "Ease up a little, I want to give a certain someone a chance to watch the show, whether it's taken or not."

~Ceth~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Curiously freaked out* (Hallway.Lyosha's room)

Alright. Ceth sends back, feeling a little bit of confusing emotion in the message, that she just shakes off, only stopping on the way to observe her mother and this new man, mother must be making a business deal or something. Ceth knocks on Lyosha's door and waits a few seconds before entering. Getting an eyeful of what was going on, she puts her hands over her eyes, "My gods!" She turns around and stands still, facing the door. "I really hope this isn't my present!" This would undeniably be the first time this had happened to young virgin Ceth.

~Simmer~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Perhaps needing/getting oiled* (Lyosha's room)

Simmer continues what he's doing, slowing down quite a bit, wondering who the audience would be. He hears the door and goes back to normal pace, expecting Lyosha to finish soon. Ceth begins to talk, and that doesn't make him hesitate in the slightest, just makes him go at it harder.

~Breaking and Kai~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Curious about each other* (talking in the halls)

Kai freezes up infront of Breaking, not knowing what to say, a small blush growing on his cheeks as he gets embarrassed.

Breaking looks up at Kai and gets annoyed, wanting people to treat her like a normal person sometimes. She looks down at the ground, momentarily forgetting about the letter, she sees that his shirt is ripped, "What happened?" She wonders, grabbing the ripped material and brushing his skin. "Has Lyosha already started hitting you?" She says with a scolding look, a small smile at the corner of her mouth.

Kai noticably shivers at her touch, not meaning to, it was a little cold. "Well, yes. But this was cause by an imp trying to rape me." He says the words before he thinks them through, his face fire red now.

Breaking has a full blown smile and laugh going now, she loops her arm through his and begins to walk him to Doan's shop, "I know just the place to fix you up."

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Enjoying himself* (His room)

Lyosha laughs at the embarressed Ceth, forcing himself to hang on a bit longer dispite Simmer's effective mouth. "I did warn you to knock as I may be busy, didn't I? Not my fault you burst right in after... Don't worry this isn't your presant, though feel free to watch if you like. This is called a 'b*****b' and -mmm- should be done soon." He moans and turns to Simmers, grabbing his head and thrusting roughly down his throat as his pleasure grows. A short amount of forceful thrusting later and finally he can hold on no longer, his c**k erupts down Simmer's throat, forcing the cyborg to swallow before slowly pulling him up and off. The result being, should anyone 'happen' to be watching, they'd see a hell of a view of Lyosha's long, saliva soaked c**k emerging from Simmer's lips until the tip came out of his throat into Simmer's mouth, filling it faster than the cyborg could swallow. Filling fast to overflowing, strands of oddly sweet smelling c** seeped out from between the cyborg's lips, running down the sides of Lyosha's throbbing shaft. Finally, pulling the man off completely, the last few surges of seed spattered over his face, neck and chest, glistening in the light of the room. "Ah... Done. You may go now Simmers, it's time for Ceth's gift and I don' think she'd be quite comfortable if you stayed. Ceth, come over here, you're gifts right beside me."

~Simmer~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Oiled* (Lyosha's room/Hallway)

Had this not happen to Simmer before, he might have choked, Lyosha's huge c**k deep down in his throat, he greatfully takes the c**, it having an addicting quality about it. Simmer swallows and licks his lips, getting up and grabbing the box of tissues off of Lyosha's desk, he was taking them with him. "Tomorrow, sir." He says and bows, looking at Lyosha's swollen c**k. Simmer quietly escapes out of the door.

~Ceth~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Curiously freaked out* (Lyosha's room)

Ceth stays turned around with her eyes covered, not needing to see any of it, she just wanted her present, she didn't get many things from the world. Of course she knew what they were doing, the sex talk had been brought up many times, hell, Ceth could even please herself. She stays put, not listening. "Just... Can you bring it to me? With pants on?" Bringing her hands down, she looks at the door, wondering if she should flee now, walking towards it.

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Amused, still slightly aroused* (His room)

Laughing, Lyosha puts on a pair of dark blue silken pants that were under the bed, his bulge still apparent through it with a few dark stains from various juices appearing on the fabric. "Ceth, it's alright, he's gone and I have pants on. Come on over and get your gift!" He says, picking up a small box wrapped with shining red paper and tied up with glimmering silver thread. "I requested it from a jeweller up above, just for you special. A very few tiny alterations from me to add a little something and it was only ready today. It's the only one in the world, I hope you like it."

~Ceth~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Curiously freaked out* (Lyosha's room)

Ceth lets out a deep breath/shudder and turns around, walking to Lyosha's desk, ignoring the bulge in his pants as she carefully takes the box from him. It was amazing how quickly her young mind forgot about things. She lifts the thread and slowly removes the paper, her eyes glowing at the necklace inside of the box. She loved it immediately, wanting it on her, she slips it out of the box and hands it back to Lyosha, putting her hair up and wanting him to put it on her neck, "Would you?" She says and holds her abundant red hair up high.

~Breaking and Kai~ -January 2nd, 2013- *interested* (hallways/Doan's store)

Kai looks down at Breaking, she was shorter, it was cute. He'd never been like this with anyone, never had thoughts like this, but something about Breaking made him attracted to her, mostly her death. Her death was the only thing keeping Kai from hating Lyosha all together. He shivers again as Breaking brushes his side

Breaking stops at the door of the shop, it was closed up, Doan had gone to bed. Putting her hand on the door, Breaking opens it, she could do this with almost all of the doors in the Palace, everything was rigged for her benefit, in this Palace. Breaking steps inside and the lights come on, with rows and rows of clothes, of all shapes and sizes. "This... It the 'Closet', Its ran by Doan, when she's here, just run in and she'll fix you up." Breaking looks at Kai, deciding what side he was, she begins to pick out clothes, looking through racks and racks of them.

Kai stands back and watches Breaking do this, the Closet hadn't seemed to ever be organized, this would bother Kai to no end. He begins to look at things and move them about, only to have his hands slapped.

Breaking grabs Kai's shirt and rips it off the rest of the way, the noise itself was erotic. She hands him a blue shirt and waits, shaking her head as it doesn't look good, she moves on to the next.

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Amused, still slightly aroused* (His room)

Lyosha smiled happily as she opened the gift, taking the necklace as requested and getting to his feet. "I'm so glad you like it..." He whispers in her ear, standing close enough against her back that she could feel everything, taking the necklace and ever so gently fastening it around her neck. Once safely secure, he gives her a small hug then turns her around. "Ah, it suits you perfectly! One moment, I'll fetch the mirror." He praises, stepping away to fetch the full length mirror at the other side of the bed. "I hope you don't mind but I added a few enchantments to it. One to keep it untarnished, another so you can contact me anywhere, anytime via a non-ring method if you wished... ah, here we go." Carrying the mirror back, he places it so she could fully see herself in the reflection. "Give it a spin?"

~Ceth~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Curiously curious* (Lyosha's room)

Ceth smiles and sets her hair down, trying to ignore the subtle things Lyosha was doing, accidentally pushing back into the hug, teetering a little bit. She tries to look past her own face to see it, impatient. She shakes her head, "I don't mind." Fiddling with the hem of her shirt, she watches him fetch the mirror, having confusing feelings for her 'uncle' right now. Ceth smiles at herself and back at Lyosha, channeling him and sending him a message. I do love it.

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Smug* (His room)

Lyosha saw the small change in her eyes, comforted the enchantments were working. I'm glad you love it, dear niece. Happy Birthday from me, a token of my love. He responded back through the channel. Stepping closer to her he pulls her into a tight hug, very much enjoying the feeling of her tight against him in a way he was sure she'd notice. "If there's anything more I can do for you, sweet Ceth, all you have to do is ask. If you'd like private lessons for a certain subject, for example... magic or some other topic, I'd be glad to be your teacher. Then we could see so. Much. More. Of each-other." He whispered seductively in her ear.

~Ceth~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Curiously curious* (Lyosha's room)

Ceth smiles and wraps her arms around Lyosha, hugging him hard... Trying, and trying hard, to ignore the fact that she was being stabbed to death by a long sword. She shivers slightly and almost whimpers, pulling back to look at him, "I'll try to think of something..." Looking from his mouth to his eyes, feeling herself being pulled towards him by what was either a spell, or her subconscious. Looking away, she pulls back a little farther, perhaps she should leave. Her chest hurts, and she puts her hand on it, "Do you feel that?"

~Breaking and Kai~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Playing dress-up* (The Closet)

Kai looks down at Breaking and remembers her death, shrugging off the shirt, handing it back to her. "Why do you do all of this?" He says quietly, curious, taking the next shirt from her, putting it on. He gasps as it feels like his chest is on fire, feeling sorry immediately.

Breaking takes the shirt and sets it aside, all but freezing as he asks the question that hurt every-time it was asked, a question that he should be asking his master, instead of her. This made her heart hurt, an ache that every ring-wearer could feel as if it was themselves. "I was a fool once. A weak ruler who perhaps didn't deserve a dimension of her own. My hair was red and curly, just as Ceth's is now. I was beautiful, I had many children that loved me, worshiped me. But I didn't know how to protect them, nor that the universe could be unjust and unkind. I met another God, he seemed nice and polite, but I didn't want anything more than a friendship, I was happy and content, an emotion I will never feel again." She stops, putting a shirt on the hanger. Texting Lyosha, The Closet, now. "He wanted more, I denied him, and he did not take it well. He came in the night, but the fires he set made it look like the Sun itself was visiting. He chained me atop of my temple, made me watch his people rape and kill my children, as he did the same to me." Breaking lets out a deep breath, waiting silently for Lyosha to appear, gods, she was going to let him have it.

Kai looks at Breaking and feels horrible, and despite knowing that she has great power, he hugs her tightly, "I'm sorry."

Breaking's eyes widen, she hadn't had this kind of contact for years... She doesn't really know how to react, and freezes in place, "Uh...." She waits to be rescued from this, not totally sure that she wanted to be.

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Annoyed* (His room)

Lyosha gently lets Ceth go, feeling the ache and knowing it's inevitable source. "I'm afraid I must go now, your mother needs me. When you think of something be sure to ask your parents for permission." Grabbing a shirt from under the bed, he throws it on and gives Ceth the quickest of kisses. "Cheer up and happy birthday!" He exclaims, slipping out the door then racing to... Where was he running again? Oh, right, new message, apparently to the Closet. Not making any stops, taking corners at a slide, quickly he bursts into the Closet and smashes the man making Breaking feel bad across the room. "Sorry for the delay..."

~Ceth~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Curiously confused* (Lyosha's room/her own room)

Ceth nods, remembering the tie, "Alright." She closes her eyes, knowing the kiss was more of a 'We're family' kiss, if anything. Ceth sighs, feeling weird, as she goes to her room, getting into her nightgown and climbing into bed, closing her eyes.

~Breaking~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Nothingness* (The Closet)

Breaking feels Kai being ripped from her and looks up at Lyosha, giving him a scowl. "I don't believe I was in any danger. What's this I hear about you neglecting my gift to you?" Blinking in a most unkindly manner, she puts her hand up, not wanting to hear it. "Don't. When I give you a gift, I expect you to feed 'it', clothe 'it', teach 'it', and most of all, enjoy 'it'." She's standing very close to Lyosha now. "And then I find 'it' wandering the halls, beaten, clothes torn, muttering words of being raped." Breaking crosses her arms, "How am I supposed to react?"

~Kai~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Bruised* (The Closet)

Kai hits the walls with a crack, having the feeling his arm was broken, he tries to move with a gasp. "********." He leans back and holds his arm close to himself. Now he definitely hated him.

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Annoyed* (The Closet)

"How are you supposed to react? You give me a gift I don't want, then complain about how I look after something that's by all rights mine while I'm tired from a long trip and just got back. I provided 'it' with a guide and I locked it up safe for me to get around to when I have time and can do a proper job, then YOUR cat decides it wants to play with 'it'. Amazing how neglecting to teach your own creatures basic manners somehow ends up being my fault, even when shortly after finding 'it' you yourself can't handle the damn thing. You flooded everyone with your pain, again! Of course we're going to assume the worst." Lyosha growls his response, waving a hand in Kai's direction every 'it'.

~Breaking~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Oh yell nah* (The Closet)

For a second it seems as though Breaking won't react, then Lyosha gets a swift slap to the face. "Don't you dare speak to me as though you're superior." She steps back and growls, wanting to hurt him, badly. This is what happened when they were alone. "Oh, and you do such a good job keeping your emotions in check? Do you know how long it took me to fix the Palace? I'm so sorry for sending you on a job, here I was, thinking you were a man, but clearly I was wrong. A man wouldn't whine about cold weather." Stepping over to the broken Kai, she hypnotizes him, grabbing his arm and snapping it back in place, she stands back up, walking back over to Lyosha. "Kai wasn't even close to being ill-mannered, unlike you." She crosses her arms, "I didn't want you, at first, either."

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Annoyed* (The Closet)

"Superior? Way to avoid all my points and focus on how I sound. Perhaps if you actually had any responsibility around here instead of dumping it all on us, I wouldn't sound so high and mighty to your overpowered childishness. I'm not good at keeping my emotions in check, I'm just better than you at it, which honestly isn't hard considering I'm the one keeping this Palace together in the first place! Never complained about the cold anyway..." He crossed his arms and glared, weathering her storm of verbal shrapnel like he was used to it, countering with his usual aimed sentence stabs. "Speaking of Kai, as I said, I had plans for him. I may not like him but I can still use him, just not immediately as it's late, I'm tired and arguing with you. Again. It's almost as though you enjoy getting me alone for things to get heated."

~Breaking~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Oh yell nah* (The Closet)

Breaking doesn't know whether she wants to ******** the frustration out of them both, or kick his demon a**. "I don't do anything?" That hit a nerve, she looks up at him with an almost teary eyed look, "Then why don't you leave? I'm not forcing you to stay. If I'm such a horrible ruler, then what's the point of anything?" The rest of his argument was void to her, she just kept giving him the same look, "Maybe you should kill me then, that would take away a lot of your problems, wouldn't it?" She looks down at Kai, still keeping him hypnotized. If she was gone, there wouldn't be much of anything.

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Furious* (The Closet)

Lyosha was pissed, that was too far. "And waste all of our efforts? Discard both of our work? Reduce all those years to nothing?!" He slapped her, his unexpected attack knocking her to the ground. "If you're going to act like a child and throw a tantrum, then I guess as the only person on this planet with actual balls, I'll teach you a lesson you won't soon forget." Grabbing the god he bends her over his knee and spanks her a** hard. Once, twice, thrice... each with anger and just a hint more lust.

~Breaking~ -January 2nd, 2013- *What the ********* (The Closet)

Did he really just slap me?! Breaking falls to the ground, feeling the spanks on her a**, not moving for a couple more slaps before she reaches back and grabs him by the throat, forcing him onto the ground with a growl, one leg on each side of him. "I'm not a child." She says before punching him square in the jaw, still choking him with the other hand. Breaking's hot c**t on his stomach, as she sits on him also.

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Furious, kinda horny* (The Closet)

"Then stop acting like one." He managed to wheeze out, grabbing her waist and extending his wings, flipping them so he's ontop. A swift blow to the stomach loosened her grip just enough for him to pry her hand off his neck as he worked to pin her down. "...And I may stop treating you like one." He finishes, very aware of how this new position pressed his hard length against her.

~Breaking~ -January 2nd, 2013- ********** (The Closet)

Breaking cringes and looks at his wings, they were marvelous. She gets one of her hands free and punches him in the same spot, working out with Cil was really paying off. Working to hurt him with her legs, she spits in his face. Waiting, and perhaps liking, for him to hit her back.

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- ********** (The Closet)

Lyosha punches her hard in the face, then tries to get her free hand back under control. A quick headbutt later and he sank his teeth into her neck, growling as he left an impression of his bite. Oh dear, you're soaked... He taunted her over her ring, his hips pulling back and pushing his length against her wet spot, ******** her very shallow through their clothes. Miss a real c**k that much?

~Breaking~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Oh yell nah* (The Closet)

Breaking screams and feels her mouth begin to bleed, a tad slipping from the corner of her mouth. She gasps as he bites her, letting out a very real moan. She gets his message and her p***y all but vibrates, pulsating against his hard length, apparent even through clothes, though she was wearing very little. Truth is, she did miss his c**k. Trying to pull her arms away, she lets another moan slip, wanting to bite him back, badly.

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- ********** (The Closet)

Considering that permission, he just kept pushing with his hips. Deeper and deeper, breaking her panties with his c**k but the juice dampened silk holding in there, until he was nearly fully sheathed in her. Tell me you want it or I'll stop He sent, ever so slowly starting to pull out bit biting just enough to get a taste of her blood.

~Breaking~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Mmmm* (The Closet)

Breaking bucks, not even needing constrained anymore, "******** me." She says, very strained. Practically soaking as she almost already wants to orgasm. She moans again, her breasts pressed against him, Hard! She sends him, along with the feeling of everything he was doing to her, showing him how much she really liked it.

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- ********** (The Closet)

Not needing to be told twice, Lyosha moves his hands to her sides and starts thrusting roughly, no longer caring about the silk pants making it a slightly less than comfortable maneuver. His need for her was a constant ache, now he was finally getting another taste. Moving up from her neck his eager lips meet with hers, tongue sliding into her mouth to tease her own. I've missed this...

~Breaking~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Mmmm* (The Closet)

Breaking kisses Lyosha with ferocity, her tongue teasing his back, her mouth tasting of blood. Feeling an orgasm creep up, she puts her hands on his chest, flipping him. She shoves his d**k deep inside her, riding him hard and fast, leaving scratch marks along his chest. Gasping and cumming, she rides him that much harder, her tight p***y quivering and swelling around his huge d**k.

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- ********** (The Closet)

Still eager and thrusting, Lyosha helps keep her bouncing on his hungry c**k. His pleasure not nearly ready, soon impatience causes him to spin her around and thrust hard enough to push her forward onto all fours. Returning the chest favor, he scratches bloody lines down her back as he slams into her again and again, pumping her eager p***y.

~Breaking~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Mmmm* (The Closet)

Breaking moans as she's scratched, the scratch marks healing almost as fast as they're made. Her p***y's wetness dripping down her thighs and getting all over Lyosha's poor ruined pants, she feels Lyosha's lust and tightens her p***y just that little bit more. You've grown... She sends, moaning again.

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- ********** (The Closet)

Lyosha slaps dat a** as he continues to ******** her silly. In more ways than one, you'll see... He sends back, huge and quickly filling balls slapping against her. Pleasure building quickly his hands stop messing with her butt and slide down her sides, round over her smooth stomach and up to her wonderfully soft breasts where they immediately squeeze and pull them roughly, torturing her nipples between his fingers as he does so.

~Breaking~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Mmmm* (The Closet)

Breaking feels his huge balls slapping against her, loving every moment of it. It had been so long since she'd felt a man, over two years. She shivers as he moves his hands down her body, almost cumming as he grabs her breasts, ********, he knew how she liked it. Turning her head back, she looks at his muscular body and lets out a screaming moan, arching her back in an almost ungodly way as she gets close, once again.

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- ********** (The Closet)

Feeling it would be such a wasted opportunity otherwise, Lyosha makes a small change and re-directs the sensations and feelings Breaking's sending him through a certain necklace, dampened down so as not to wake the sleeping recipiant. Now pleasuring two at once, Lyosha holds back his own and doubles his efforts to give them a ******** they'd have wet dreams about for years.

~Breaking~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Mmmm* (The Closet)

Breaking almost faints as he pounds away, another orgasm slipping out, "Gods!" She screams, coming all over Lyosha, about to collapse, her poor p***y beaten to nothing.

~Ceth~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Oh my* (Her room)

Ceth dreams happily, her dream taking an odd turn of events as she grabs the sheets and gasps, moaning and writhing in her blankets.

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- ********** (The Closet)

No longer capable of holding back, Lyosha pulls Breaking's hips and pushes himself as deep as he can into her before exploding, flooding her depths with his thick seed and gripping her tight. More and more he pumps into her until she's overflowing, the back-flow leaking out down her legs and her sensations shared with her sleeping daughter.

~Breaking~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Mmmm* (The Closet)

Breaking whimpers as her insides are filled, the ache and pleasure of it making her love Lyosha all the more, I think I love you... Is sent as she pushes his c**k painfully deeper into her. She tightens up once again, causing even more seed to escape out of her.

~Ceth~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Oh my* (Her room)

Ceth mouths words in her dream, dreaming of Lyosha ******** her against the wall, she feels him fill her, moaning and wrapping her arms around his neck, kissing him deeply, before starting to go at it all over again.

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- ********** (The Closet)

I never stopped loving you. Lyosha sends back, slowly pulling out of the filled Breaking before pressing his soaked silk pants-covered c**k against her a** and starting to push.

-Several hours later-

Finally drained, he flops next to the puddle of c** where the fully soaked Breaking writhes in pleasure aftershocks. Waiting until she stops breathing heavily, he cuts the link to Ceth, finally releasing her from a hell of a night of pleasure.

~Breaking~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Mmmm* (The Closet)

Breaking lays in her puddle of c** like a queen, looking over at Lyosha, she would move, but her body wouldn't allow that. She looks past him to Kai, knowing that he needed to get a cast on that as soon as he could. "Lyosha..." She says in a very scratchy voice, knowing that her throat must have been torn to shreds. "When you can... Get him to Dr. Blood?" She makes an attempt to get back and falls right back down, just deciding to cuddle up to Lyosha for the moment. She hadn't slept for more than two hours a day in centuries, and felt like she could sleep for hours on end today.

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- ********** (The Closet)

He hugs her close, then remembers everything he has to do today as she orders him. "Damnit." He muttered, giving Breaking a quick hug before painfully and slowly hauling himself to his feet. Almost slipping in juices, he makes his way to Kai, picking the unconscious man up with some effort before making his way out of the Closet. Locking the door behind him to give Breaking some privacy to rest, he drags his sorry self with his cargo all the way to Dr.Blood's office before dropping Kai at the door and sending the good Doc a message. Look after the man at your door, he's my toy and a favoured of Breaking. His arm's broken. Loose him and we'll be pissed. A long, slow slog back to his room, he makes a note to look at the letter on his desk later and flops to sleep on his bed.

~Breaking/Gilson~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Ouch* (The Closet/Breaking's bedroom)

Breaking does her best to hug him back, closing her eyes and swallowing, feeling dehydrated. "Gilson." She says and a mysterious woman appears out of the shadows, helping Breaking up, out of the room, into a shower, and into her bed. Going back to the Closet to clean up the c** puddle. It had been a long time since she'd had to clean up one of these. Breaking is soon joined by Ems and sleeps for two hours.

~Dr.Blood~ -January 2nd, 2013- *To early for this s**t* (Doing his job)

Dr. Blood sighs as he awakens, that whole 'vampires sleep in the day' was a load of s**t. He slowly moves to his door and slides the hypnotized Kai into his office. "You are beat up, my friend." He says and looks at the bruises on his body, having stripped him because it was fun that way. He makes sure Kai's arm is fixed and takes a few pints of blood, because why the hell not

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Tired* (His room)

-four hours later-
"Goddamnit, why am I awake..." He hauls himself out of bed, stripping out of those completely ruined pants and goes to have a shower. Yo, Ceth, Sleep well? If you're awake you might want to get asking about those lessons. Breaking should be in a good enough mood it won't be an issue getting her to let you learn from me. He sends to his favourite 'niece', a quick flash of him naked in the shower 'accidently' going with it. One steaming hot shower later and he towels up, gets dry and starts thinking about what to do first today.

~Ceth~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Oh my* (Her room)

Ceth looks into her mirror, her hair was newly washed, she'd begun to put eyeliner on. She holds her breath at a message, trying not to ******** up. I slept great... She sends back, her blush apparent even through messaging, Okay. She gets the next quick flash and practically runs the eyeliner down her face, "********." Gods, he was as big as everyone in the Palace joked about. Ceth's privates practically hurt to think about it.

~Breaking/Ems/Loen/Leona~ -January 2nd, 2013- *I think I'm paralyzed* (Breaking's room/the kitchen)

Breaking awakens with a yawn, she'd slept around three hours, quite enough. Smiling as she sees the beautiful Ems curled up to her, her antlers causing another hole in the mattress. "Mmmm..." Breaking says as she climbs on top of Ems, ignoring the girls yawning and groaning, "You are so beautiful..." She starts at her breasts, licking and sucking at each until she'd felt they'd had enough, then kissing down her flat stomach, spreading her legs as the deer girl shakes, "Breaking... Ah...." She looks down, watching each moment. ~ Time-skip hehe~ Breaking removes her own mouth and hands from Ems, smiling down at her. "Today should be a good day." She looks at her watch, remembering the hypnotized Kai, and the feast that was to be held today. Releasing Kai from her hold, she gets dressed, putting a pair of very short shorts on, and a white long-sleeved T-shirt with reverse crosses on it. She looks in the mirror, face naturally shaded enough that she wouldn't need makeup, but she would put some on before the feast, at 6pm, regardless. Giving Ems a goodbye kiss, she makes her way down the halls to the kitchen, not meeting anyone in the halls, fake morning light seeping through the fake windows, Breaking's own magical creation. As she opens the doors to the kitchen, she finds her two favorite Cyclops working hard. Slipping a apron over her neck, she stops Leona to rub the girl's pregnant belly, putting her face to it and listening as Leona lets her, it was almost time for the child to be delivered. "How can I help?" She says, standing back up and looking at them both, Loen moves very fast and does multiple things at once, "Gah, Breaking..." Truth was, she wasn't very good at cooking, to say the least. "Put these in the oven." Breaking nods and gets to work.

~Dr.Blood~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Not very impressed* (Doing his job)

Dr. Blood watches Kai on the table, waking and gasping, and gets out a shot of pain reliever. Grabbing Kai's good arm and stabbing him with it, not really caring if he did it right, the boy was seemingly having a seizure. "Calm down!" He holds the boy down, ignoring the hits that he was trying to throw. Lyosha, patient is ready. Do you want him, or do you want me to keep him? He's either going crazy or having a seizure. He sends.

~Kai~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Bruised* (Dr. Blood's Office)

Kai had been paralyzed for over eleven hours, thrown against a wall, met a god, broken his arm, hit in the throat, kidnapped, molested, and fallen in love. He deserved to throw a fit, Kai wakes up and looks at his surroundings, again, it was different. He was going to explode. Screaming and hitting at whatever he could, holding his newly casted arm close, he feels himself being injected and just screams louder.

~Lyosha~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Pissed at Kai* (His room)

Hehe, Ceth was turning out nicely so far, on the other hand something major had to be done about Kai. Guy was becoming a major pain. But what to do about him? Lyosha wonders while finally opening the letter on his desk. He went very still while reading.
Put him into a medical coma, about three hours should do it. Simmers will collect him shortly. He sent back to the good doctor before contacting Simmers. Simmers, collect Kai from Doc Blood, bring him to the lab and prepare for surgery. Also get the red container marked 'emergancy use only'. I'm afraid it's getting serious. Last but not least he needed to contact Breaking... but she was in a good mood and it could wait until after the feast.

~Dr.Blood/Kai~ -January 2nd, 2013- *Not very impressed* (Doing his job)

Dr. Blood smiles and gets out the big needle, flipping Kai and injecting right into his left butt-cheek. "Feisty." He says and sits back, waiting for the robot, he would love to give Kai some therapy later on. When the robot appears, he simp