Blood lust

Nights have always been different. Even when it's all you see every day for every winter, and I couldn't ask for anything better. To be surrounded by stars,cool airs, and friends is all I ever truly wanted. Well... Besides learning my past and stop having night terrors of people I don't even have a clue who they are.

Tonight was different my dream was peaceful. It had a happy family and a mess of friends along with it each person face was blurred a bit and semi unrecognizable but you could tell they were happy.There are these two little girls same height same laugh, had everything identical, but their hair. One had bright vibrant just fallen snow colored hair. The other had blazing fiery red hair(like mine). I'm guessing they are twins and man even though I didn't understand stand a single word that escape their lips I knew they had to be close. The stars tonight took my breath( Living in Alaska is beautiful) for the millionth time that night to get a better look I lay my head along the cool brisk window sill but the clock reflected the time and it was about time I took to bed. Sighing loudly climbing back into my shared pull out couch cocooning my self in thee softest blankets in the world drifting in and out of sleep hoping I dream another happy peace dream.

Screaming children being carried by their mothers way from it pierced its ears. Covered in blood from head to toe this thing was slashing anyone it could get its claws on. It laughed with such horror the ground shook, bounding at a helpless man with dark long waves he screams out as the thing tore out the jugular with ease causing it to craved more it went on the prowl. Why? Why? would someone or something do this and for what reason then just to kill innocent people! "ZEE! Wake up!" some one called from a distance ''Come on girly wakey wakey!" I was being shook .

Gasping awake punching the thing in front of me I hide underneath my blankets as if it could protect me. The hands held me once more but this time i knew who it was. "Shh, Shh it's okay Zee just dream.'' He says pulling off my blanket and wrapping me in his tight embrace. My best bud Ty, always there to help me through my terrors. Shaking a bit I pull away " I-it's fine Ty I-I don't need your protection after all it was just a dream.'' I say shakily keeping my distance from Ty which wasn't all that great since I have to share a couch with him because Llebasi is to stubborn to not have her own room.