I cannot POSSIBLY sleep tonight after what had just happened!!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!! >3<

Alright, so as I might've stated earlier, I'm at Magfest 11 with my dad this week, and it is like the greatest time. :3 Well, tonight, JUST when I thought it couldn't possibly get any better, my brain was about to spontaneously combust with awesomeness with what was going to happen next!!! biggrin

So tonight, I was really hoping to meet James Rolfe. After checking the schedule, we figured out he would be at this event called the Wheel of Destiny, at midnight tonight. So of course, I wanted to get there super f*cking early. xDDD We were at the door by 10 pm. XDDD So yeah, because we got there before anyone else, naturally we were the first ones in line, which was awesome. After waiting for a while, the line built up to the point where there were probably a good few hundred people waiting for the doors to open. When they finally opened, the girl leading us in gave us specific instructions for seating: Everyone fills up the front seats first, then work toward the back. Of course, me and Dad get FRONT f*ckING SEATS! XDD We couldn't POSSIBLY get any better seats than that. xD So we sat, and waited until the game show started.

The game show basically involved the ScrewAttack crew, James Rolfe and Mike Matei, all playing this game where they had to spin a wheel. The wheel determined who would play in a 2 player match, and what the loser would have to drink. (YES, IT WAS A DRINKING GAME! XDDD) So they played a few games on Super Nintendo, then eventually they wanted to move on to the original NES. Unfortunately, they began having technical problems when they tried powering up their NES.

Now, I had brought my NES to the event specifically so that I could get James Rolfe to sign the top of it. But when I saw these guys were having trouble, I spontaneously got an idea. I got up from my seat, went over to the guy working with the game console and said "Here, you can use this as a backup if you need to." And the guy was really nice and thanked me.

So at that point they probably just decided it would be faster to give my NES a go, so that's what they did. AND SURE ENOUGH........... HE PRESSES THE POWER BUTTON.................... AND IT WORKED!!!!!!!! HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At that point, the crowd of like 400 people ROARED and cheered, and the guy asked me what my name was, I said "Tom". Well at THAT point, the WHOLE AUDIENCE was cheering my name on, "TOM! TOM! TOM! TOM! TOM! TOM!" xDDDDDDDDD That was surreal as f*ck dude. I had the ScrewAttack crew, James Rolfe, Mike Matei, and Pat the NES Punk playing MY OWN NES CONSOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention they were all playing a drinking game, so they were DRUNK!!! XDDDD It doesn't get ANY better than THAT!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I totally captured it on film, even though the video clip itself didn't really provide hard proof that the NES was indeed mine. It just looked like any other NES in the video anyway. xDD

The games they played on my NES were Trojan and Double Dragon I believe. After they were finished with the console, ALL THE GUYS SIGNED IT. They were all really awesome guys, and I'm really glad I was a big help to them.

After the event was over, it was like 1:30 AM xDDD And I eventually was able to catch up to James and Mike. So Mike recognized me with my NES, and said "Dude, you totally saved us tonight, you have no idea. Thank you so much."
And he was so sincere about it. Mike Matei is like one of the nicest guys I will ever meet in my life. And so is James. They're both just very genuine people, and their passionate towards what they do, and they're so appreciative of their fans. And yes, I got a picture with them! ^^ I would so totally love to like go out with them for lunch or something. I'm sure at this point they would recognize me if they saw me. xDD

So that was my night... And dude, this has been such an awesome week, that if I died right now, I'd be perfectly happy with how I lived my life. XDD Of course, I don't actually want that to happen.... o. o

So, that's it. ^^