I seriously wish I had never considered animation because now I have to do this shitty clay model of my detailed original character that has taken four hours of my life so far. There is this stupid maximum six inches tall limit that gives me no freedom...or at least I think so for I am no genius at animation. Anyway, I have actually gotten the whole thing done in those tedious hours, but now I have to clean and stabilize it standing. Clay modeling is serious business, a lot of work, and requires a lot of patience. I'm not one with desire or tolerance, unfortunately. I am just dying to complete it. I also hope that it's in good condition when I bring it to school next Monday.

Speaking of which, my unproductive winter break comes to an end on Monday. Just ********. Time to be stressed with work once again! I have to practice my trombone regularly which I have only touched once these two weeks. Too bad I am in the top band, therefore it's best to work extra hard. Even worse, I have to present my goddamn science fair project to the whole class when I come back. I'm not a good speaker at all. Can't wait 'till I get these weights off my shoulder.