Days come and days go
In this city, dwells trouble and woe
Confusion, frustration I wish to leave
Missing home, I want this to end
I stay for her, her mood I must upheave
I cannot go without her

She comes and goes, lost here
I see her in her depression
I need to help her but how, I am unsure
My own selfish problems, to tell her what I feel
The first attempt, I am at a loss of its impaction
What to do, help her or help myself
I will not leave without her

Thoughts sway back and forth
I am alone with her yet again
She seems happier now, friends filling her with warmth
Do I tell her directly, risking the progress for personal gain
What if she feels the same, did she get the message the first time?
So many questions, I need to know, I cannot wait much longer
I will not leave without telling her