You know what makes me mad? Ungrateful people, of the younger generations. The kind that will show no interest or respect in what their grandparents, and great grandparents went through. The kind that will be like, "Oh, they did that? well then..." or the kind that will turn their nose up at it. That is SUCH a waste. Such a waste I tell you. So wasteful that such people, that survived, and fought in those violent wars had such ungrateful grand kids. It makes me sick.
Some people are so stupid, I swear. They have no idea what the older generation went through... No idea. You know? If they died, those ungrateful snobs wouldn't be alive. Nope. Sadly, they don't know what life is, nor do they know their own.
What's worse is, there's people that will take advantage of those older people, and treat them like they didn't do a darn thing. Use their money, disrespect them, etc. I say this, because it's been seen way too many times. I say this, because it's something common in society. Far too common.