Is helping teenagers worth it? Yes, helping teenagers is worth it! I learned that helping teens is important. Because teens need someone to talk about their problems or worry’s Afton. So you need to take the time to hear teens out on their problems and worry’s. Tell them what’s important. Don’t be afraid to take the time to explain to them how to work it out. Matter of fact help them solve their problems. Let them know what you suggest that will help them solve it all.
I was happy to help teenagers. I was glad to be a big help for them. I was interested in hearing about their problems and worry’s because I know I can try to help them out. The teenagers were sad and confused on how to solve their problems at the beginning and they were happy at the end when I walked them through the steps to solve it all. The teens were depressed a lot. But sometimes they would come to me and say “Thank you for helping me”.
Finally, helping teens is good because that means you’re a good citizen. You can also make new friends. It means you’re nice enough to take the time to help and guide teenagers through the steps of archiving there goal. Teenagers big GOAL is to solve all of the problems. My friends say I’m good at helping people and that I should be a consular. So I took up the offer and decided to do that in life. I LOVE HELPING TEENAGERS!!!!!!