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Life, Gaia, Poems, Enchouragment,Support, And Just Me Being Me.

The two nations had been warring for Years. We Lived in th unfortunate one. Ours was losing. Friends Left to join the fight... They never came back. Some were Taken. They never came back either. Men... The ones who stayed? They were employed by the Government to.. Repopulate out Nation. The women? Were Taken too. Some who Had Children Stayed. Most Went.. Others Were taken. Teenagers... Taken. My Best Friend Died in the Army. We now Heard Rumours Of a Special Augmenting Base. Childern and Teens were taken there. Th other nation? Had Ther Superior Tech. Lager, Better Faster, Stronger, More Powerful. Tanls, Jets, Bombers, Soilders, Guns... We Were Losing badly. But... Fighting back Took A High Pcie. A High one. One That... I Would Soon know.


My footsteps echo down the dark halls. But I'm not alone. Two guards walk beside me both armed with rifles. Their Swat like gear makes them almost invisible in the dark hall. No I'm not a criminal. I haven't committed any crimes or broken any laws. I'm just a 16 year old. As I fumble through my mind with thoughts, we arrive at a wall. As I wonder what will happen next , the wall slides open. A dark room awaits.

"What? Too scared?" Mocks one of the guards. The other snickers. A prick of rage develops inside of me. "Bring it." I speak definitely. I walk into the room. The wall shuts behind me, leaving me in ink black darkness. Then the lights Switch on. 

The small room, Turned out to be Larger than a football field in length. The walls and ceiling were all stone grey. Some splatters on the floor and ceiling were stained red. A unwelcome chill slithers down my spine. Jeez what happened here? 

"Welcome Charles." A voice booms over an intercom. Its sandpaper like tone echos throughout the room.

I tense. My hand instantly reaches for my katana. 

"You may begin your training" It booms. 23 panels slide open. 10 of them Glare at me with crimson red sinister eyes. A view panel lights up. It shows a similar image but of a woman. A teenager. A friend. The name forms itself on my lips.


The eyes move. Along with their bodies.

As they move into the light I see they are Mechs. Great. Just what I need. Now my closest friend is being held here and Mechs. Whop de f*cking doo. Rage starts to swell with in me. I pull my katana out. They move closer. I pull my shades tighter to my face. Their weapons lock. I grin. 

"Let's do this." I lunge. Their rocket misses as I dodge it. I plunge my katana Deep into one of their Mechs. It sparks and fizzles. I pull it out and aim for the next one and they change their weapons. I slice one clean in half. 2 down. 8 to go. They fan out and launch a river of metal at me. The bullets whiz past, and one nicks my arm. I glance at it then advance on the nearest Mech. As I chop on of its legs off, it staggers then falls but releases a gas. All of them do, filling the room in seconds. I dash for the nearest panel as they slowly close. All except for the one showing Jackie. I freeze. She's passed out, blood dripping from her arm. Then the mechs take her out of view. As the Gas closes around me, I begin to feel nauseous. As I seath my katana to keep it, I fall to my knees. My thoughts become muddled. As I start to drift away, I distantly hear the voice.

"Well done. Now we just need to improve you." As the Lights switch off and I begin to lose consciousness. Only one last thought remains. What did he mean by improve?



As I drift back to conciousness, I feel something cold. Hard and cold. The lights are on and I see four blurred figures. As my eyes focus I realize their surgeons. I try to move my arms, but I cant. I realize i'm lying on a metal make-shift operating table. As i see my katana case across the room, I slowly try to move my arms. Little by little I make some progress until l finnaly I get my arms and hands free, I then sit up, unchain my legs and dash for my katana. By then the surgeons have ran out and Grabbed security. As they load their tranquillizers, I have zero patience or mercy. The first guard arm fall off, Dripping in blood. The next man's head flops to the ground with a sickening thump. The Man with no arm scream in pain, I thrust my katana though him to end his misery. As Im about to exit the room, I glance at them. I take their ammo and A rifle. I also take the less bkloodied armour, and then dash out the hall. Im greeted by 3 more guards. None of them friendly. I sever on man's hand, and his leg, Then block a of one of the darts a guard shot, and then shoot him in the face. One man lays down his weapon in defeat. I spare him and handcuff him. I move on. As I fly down the halls, the sirens wail.

"Subjet Sonic3ze Has escaped the medical Room."

"Approach with caution."

"Set ammo to Tranquilizers."

I ignore the speaker and dash into a room. Its similar to the room I just escaped from. But theres A girl on the table. Peya. I pull out my Katana and cut the bonds holding her. Shes been gassed. And apparently worked on. Stitches are in numerous spot on her body. But I can't focus on that. She's still passed out, so I pick her up and sling her over my shoulder. I run out of the room and Grab a data pad. As i'm searching on the Pad, more guards show up. I gnash my teeth. I can't risk it with her on my shoulder. I turn around and dash for the Stairwell. As i have a moment to search on the pad again I finally found what i'm looking for. Accommodation. 5th floor. As I climb the stairs I put away my katana and pull out the rifle. 3rd.... 4th..... 5th. I shoot the lock holding the door shut. As I dash through the hallways, i read the labels. 

Jimmy Redoff...

Jack Randol....

Jackie Snow.

I open the door, and place her on the bed. As she still is unaware of what has happened, I silently leave. But I'm not done yet. I turn to leave for the recarch center, Gas wafts into the hallway. I begin to fall dizzy. As I struggle to Stay awake, Guards surround me.  

The last thing I see,

Is a boot headed for my face.


As I awake on a bed, I feel dizzy. The after affects of the gas I presume. I sigh. As I try to sit up, My body yells in pain. I wince. My arms, legs, and other parts have been worked on. Stitches everywhere. As I look around the room. Apparently this is my room. My phone vibrates in my back pocket. I suspiciously answer the call labeled Unknown.

"H-Hello?" I manage in a groggy tone.

"You should be in the prison because of your little 'Stunt' Charles." A voice speaks coldly. I immediately sit up despite the pain. 

"Who is this?" I ask in a solid voice.

"Your new mentor." It speaks hollowly, then the phone cuts. As I look at my phone I see that the contact changes from Unknown To Mentor. Great. Now I know that my phone can be remotely Hacked. I look through my phone and see that it is completely revised. All my contacts, All my pictures, All my Apps and notes...


I clutch it tighter in rage. Then A new App pops up, Labeled Base 9. I open the app and it shown the floor layouts, My schedule, And Teammates....? I touch the tab. As it open I see a name I instantly recognize.

Jackie Snow.

And each one has a sort of codename next to them highlighted in blue.

Jackie Snow==== Peya Sakano

Charles Daxin==== Sonic3ze

I lay back down. Great. I sigh. This place HAD to bring the closest people to me. Of course. What do they want anyway? Were only teens! I sigh and painfully slide off my bed and shakily onto my feet. As I stumble towards the door I lose my footing and stumble face forwards into the door. As My face unwelcomely greets the Cold inch thick metal door, I feel a gash tear in my right cheek. As I reach out for it and feel the warm blood my flesh yells in pain. I wince.
"Stupid door....." I mumble.
 I shakily get up and walk to the bathroom and see a small gash of blood coming from my cheek. That and something move on the wall behind me. I turned around. A bodyguard stood behind me and glared at me. 
"What the hell dude?" I Asked creeped Out. 
"I Usualy like this job more if I'm on duty for a chick. So yeah not my orders." He derogates and half grined.
"f*ck you dude for watching girls." I said shaking my head.
"You know you wanna. Anyway treat me right and I'll bring you stuff. And it's not against the rules too."
"Whatever douche." I walked out of the bathroom. He want to the door of my room. 
"Oh yeah... I'm your mentor." I looked at him.
"Can have my pictures back?"
"Told you already. Treat me nice and and MAYBE I will. Just depends if you've earned it or not." He ginned. Ugh. This dude is more like me than anything. This was going to SUCK.


4 Days. 4 Days Of DAMN Training. Over, And over, and DAMN OVER again.
I Sighed. My Arms hurt. My Blade Was Chipping. Still no Guns. They didnt trust me. And They shouldnt be. But Soon.. I Might give up. Give into thier ways. Thier rules. Im not going home anytime soon. And neither is Jackie.
DAMN it CHARLES! NOT NOW!! LOOK UP DIPsh*t!!! I Tilted my face just in time to see a bloch of Hot Oil Headed for my face. I sharply twist as a small portion hands on my hand. The urn is So Strong I Cant help but Let out a Groan of pain and try to wipe my hand. Bad move dude. A Robotic fist is headed for my face. And no time wat so ever to Do- Next thing I know im out cold. DAMN IT CHARLES!! You Are SUCH a idiot. My mind softly drifts to Jackie. My mind.. Or SOMETHING Tuns inside your head. Is it something they did to you?
(Dude what is it with you and that CHICK?)
[You KNOW how these end. Just like every last one. Horrible.]
(But... Shes diffrent. Isnt she...?)
[She helped you once. Maybe.]
(Wait.. Am I REALLY having a agrument with myself?)
[Maybe. Did they spray me with retard Gas too?]
(Nah bro. You had that at birth.)
[Shut up.]
(Hahah! Alright.)
[Dude since were talkinga bout this Chick, She might turn out to be a whore b*tch. So tell me wahts diffrent.]
(First of all.. Shes Sweet. Funny. Kind. Caring. Unless hes pissed. Then Your f*cked.)
[Like A Good f*cked or bad f*cked? Whore b*tch style or no?]
(The Whore b*tch has a name.)
[And its name is.. Whore b*tch!!!]
(Call her that one more time. I Dare you.)
{Hey maybe we do.}
(What the hell? There are 3 OF ME???)
{Yep. It the crap they put in your body. I Think The fouth one is Sleeping.}
(If I Had A Mental body to face palm with I WOULD.)
{Shut up.}
(Anyway... So is this like the 4 me's? The crazy one.. The sane one.. The Nomal one and....)
{The Lovey one. Hes sleeping.}
[Yo bro.. Your about to wake up. Ad your gonna puke.]
(What? Why?)
{Because that waht happens to your body when you pass out.}
[Yep. And we also comeback when your sleeping. In your dreams. But with out bodies. So if your thing of f*cking Jackie or Megan fox or something.. Well all be watching. Wanting to get f*cked too.]
[What? What did I Say...?]
(Just shut up. Kay?)
[Alright. Later.]
{See ya}
I Pull up on my bed and feel my stomach convolse and i instanly lean over the side of my bed, Seeing my lunch on the floor. Ugh. I Wipe my mouth. Thats nasty. I hear my Mentor puke in the bathroom.
"Heh... You puked Cause I Puked?" I asked. Ouch. Damn. My Jaw Felt.. Wier. More solid. Wierd.
"YES. ITS f*ckING GROSS!" He walked out the bathroom shakily. He saw me feeling my jaw.
"The robot shattered it, So we replaced it with a solid titanium one. Its lighter .. stonger.. And Damn sure bullet proof. Anayway... Thanks from you mumbling in your sleep thanks to the New Projections of you we implaned.. I know who you Have a crush on." A Small smile formed on his lips.
I felt my cheeks Flare a little. "Prove it."
"Her name Starts with a J.... Her last name starts with a s.... Rymes with Dough... Snow! Thats right! Little Miss Jacqueline Snow. I Could tell her that you want to Date her..." He Reached into his Pocket and pulled out His phone.
"NO!" I Felt myself Say and lunge for the phone before I Could stop. He Laughed.
"I Guess that Settles it. You Play ball, Ill Set some time at the end of the day to Laze around or talk to her. Fair?" His smile was now a full out grin.
"Damn it..... Fine." I Opened the door to exit my room and grabbed my katana.
"one thing though..." I Said as I Started exiting the room.
"To Play ball... Im Gonna need a new Katana." I Slammed the dorr and headed to the Training arena.

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    Raindrop Wagashi
    Community Member

    Fri Jan 04, 2013 @ 08:42pm

    Okay, two things.

    1: The fact that you remember that I wanted my mother's maiden name, Snow...Wow. *Smiles*

    2: How the HELL did you read my mind with the entire "mentor" thing? Seriously, I'd had that planned eversince I started taking notes for SOLDIER. The fact that we think THAT similarly is just amazing. *Laughs*

    Raindrop Wagashi
    Community Member

    Sun Jan 06, 2013 @ 04:21am

    Okay...That was weird, but hilariously weird. *Laughs* Somehow, I can ee with you aruing with yourself.

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