An opinion is simply an opinion, many forget that. An opinion isn't the truth of a fact, but the fact of what the truth is in someones mind.

Anorexia is not a disease, but I understand what you mean, it should not be scoffed at, just as well, it should not be stereotyped.
I have Anorexia, but NO, I do not seek recovery, not ALL anorexics are depressed or hate their bodies. I am incredibly happy with my body and my life. In fact, I am the most confident person I know.

There are many different types of Anorexia, some people just develop the 'disease' where as others CHOOSE to develop it. The only choice, in my opinion, is the choice to 'accept' it, or to 'recover'
Just as an alcoholic will always struggle with alcohol, an anorexic will always struggle with some type of obsession with food. Such as the obsession of counting calories, or the obsession of not eating solid foods, or maybe the obsession of trying to see bones.

Anorexia should not necessarily be categorized as a mental disease, in my opinion. I believe that it should be categorized as an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, if it is categorized as anything. It can tie deeply into Mental Diseases, or not. I am not depressed, I do not base 100% of my self-worth as a woman on how big my thigh gap is when I have my feet and knees together.

Anorexia is completely different in every person, none of us have lived the same experiences as one another, even if we have, genetics and upbringing, as well as environment, can completely change the reactions of a cause. The effect can be anorexia, but our minds aren't the same, no matter how badly we want to be comforted by the lies of others, 'I know how you feel' isn't a whole truth. It is an opinion.

Thanks for hearing all my opinions.