Someone insulted skinny women today, she was very fat. I was so angry, I can't believe that fat people can insult me because I look like a flat 'runway model' but I can't insult them because they look like swollen, gross, messy failures. I may weight half of what the people who insult me weight, but I can easily beat them in any fitness competition. Fat doesn't mean strong and fit, like most fat people say.

Today I ate,

1 Ambrosia Apple-80cals
1 Avocado-275cals
1 Ataulfo Mango-105cals

Total Calories-460cals

I needed more energy today, I have no idea why! Oh well, I will live! I am not the 'NORMAL' Anorexic type, I love my body, I am confident and love life. I just want to see my Sternum, my hip bones, I don't want to be padded with poisonous fat! I also don't enjoy eating solid food, I like my fruit and vegetables blended. I do eat soft fruits though, sometimes. I also LOVE that my boobs aren't DD's anymore, I love my tiny, little, barely B's!

I should go, I don't think I'm making much sense, I'm tired!
I will definitely be be on my Journal tomorrow, I enjoy writing what is on my mind.