So here I am staying up late again....

Thought I'd do something a little different with this journal entry tonight. xD
I'm having a hard time falling asleep because tomorrow...... err...... today I'm going to Magfest 2013 with my dad. ^^ Honestly if it weren't for these trips with my dad to look forward to, I'd likely commit suicide... I feel pretty lost in life right now. o.o I don't know where I'm going to end up in the next 4 years. But these father-son trips really put my mind into this mode called "You know what? f*ck all that sh*t that I'm worried about. Right now, I'm here with my dad, and we're gonna have the greatest time ever. ^^" I love it. :3

James Rolfe (aka the Angry Video Game Nerd) is going to be there too. For those who aren't aware, he's actually a huge internet icon, and he's making his own movie based on the AVGN series. His show has 109 episodes now, and the movie's coming out this summer sometimes. I'm freaking excited! I'm bringing my NES and Atari AVGN game cart that I made, so he could sign them. Hopefully I'll also get a 3rd picture with him too xDD I've already got 2. LOL! James Rolfe is like my idol pretty much.. The only person who gets ahead of him is my cousin Billy, which nobody will outdo, ever. It's funny because it's like, I love both those guys, but it's not a gay love. xD

So anyhoo, that's happening this morning. Later in the next couple of months I'm also getting my Ouya console, which I'm hoping I'll be able to make a couple games for. I have to learn the programming language of that system... Apparently it's java-based or C++, both of which I have NO CLUE how to do.... Yay....

Other than that, this is my LAST SEMESTER at NVCC. After that, I'm DORMING!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! xDDD That will definitely be very interesting indeed. I have a feeling that will help me get out more and get the chance to connect with different people. NVCC was a community college, so I was always home cooped up in the basement by myself if I wasn't in class. I just didn't see any purpose to be in school when i was in class. Nobody connected with me really, and I never connected with them. It was pretty sad.... I'm hoping since I'll be living AT the school, that will change for me.

So yup.. :3