"now lets begin" a young woman in a white scientist coat, she stood over a group male corpses laying on metal cots on a over hang, peering through the bars was her daughter, a 5 year old girl watching her. the scientist started to cut apart the bodies with professional skill, the boy watched with wide brown eyes. the scientist took the pieces of flesh, organ, and bone to form a man like puzzle. "now the brain" she said reaching into a green liquid filled tank with gloved hands and took out a brain "honey, pray for success" she said putting the brain into the body "now for the electricity" she said flipping the switch. the body reanimated. "lets call him victor" the mom said hugging her daughter "he's here to protect you "

20 years passed since victor's "birth" their mother died from a mad griever who figure out that victor had her husband's left lung. the scientist told victor, that he had her dead son's brain. the daughter had developed her mother's sense of wonder with science.

"hey wake up" victor said nudging her back as she laid on the examination table. they had open a free clinic for the town they live in "you passed out after breathing in some powered pain killers"