My last job was cleaning Homicides, Suicides, Accidental and Sudden Deaths.

I loved my job, it was sweaty, hard, interesting work. I wasn't too much of a fan of cleaning up brains because they are the hardest thing to wipe up, it pretty much just smears everywhere. Anyways, I loved it, but HATED my boss.

I am now interviewing at Retail stores, hopefully I won't hate my new boss too much, because I want my new job to be long term, I want to get Pet Insurance for my Pom/Chi, Loki. He's got an infection right now and I'm really worried.

Lately life has been going MOSTLY my way, except for a greedy fatty who wishes she could have MY Husband and MY life.

I have high expectations for the places I applied at, I am going to try to get a part-time job, I want to still be able to have a fun life! 3nodding

I am wishing myself luck, I am going to need it!