When we get to the lab, I see that this has taken a toll on Piers. Sweat has built up on his face and his breath is heavier. Pearing through the window on the door of the lab, it's empty. Walking inside, it looks abandoned. They probably use this one as a back up because of it's size. I help Piers to a chair and find something to work with.
When the bullets are out and he's bandaged, it looks like he's going to pass out. I don't have the supplies to stop the bleeding, and it's not stopping. Taking bandages with us, I hope I can get to Sherry in time to help. I give his shoulder a light shove,"I need you to stay awake. We'll be out of here soon."
He gives a small smile,"I will. Thank you. I owe you."
"You don't owe me anything. We're almost to the boats. We could take a break here for a few minutes and then go."
He shakes his head,"I can rest when I'm there. They'll find us here, and it'll be easier with the others."
His voice is weak compared to what it usually is, but I just nod and help him up and out of here.